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Fandom Staff
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EXCLUSIVE: 'She-Ra and the Princesses' of Power Cast Featurette
Celebrate 'She-Ra and the Princesses of Power!' in this exclusive featurette with EP Noelle Stevenson and Adora's voice actress Aimee Carrero.
‘Doctor Who’ on HBO Max: The Three Best Episodes for Every Modern Doctor
As 'Doctor Who' arrives on its new streaming home, Fandom looks back at the three best storylines for each of the Doctors since the show's revival.
Matt Kamen
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Ross and Rachel’s Turbulent History: A ‘Friends’ Timeline
With 'Friends' returning to streaming via the launch of HBO Max, we take a look at the many ups and downs of Ross and Rachel through the years.
Marisa Roffman
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Anya Taylor-Joy Talks ‘Emma’ and Why You Shouldn’t Be Wary of Costume Dramas
With 'Emma' now on Blu-ray, star Anya Taylor-Joy speaks to Fandom about Jane Austen's comedic inspiration for 'Clueless' and why it remains relatable.
Eric Goldman
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10 Classic Studio Ghibli Heroines You’ll Find on HBO Max
With the Studio Ghibli library a part of HBO Max, we look back at some of their standout heroines and what makes them so memorable.
KC Nichols
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How ‘Empire’ and Boba Fett Paved the Way for Mandalorians to Dominate Star Wars
40 years ago, moviegoers met Boba Fett, and the iconic bounty hunter laid the groundwork for years of Star Wars stories, 'The Mandalorian' included.
R.W.V. Mitchell
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Ben Schwartz on 'Space Force’ and Jean-Ralphio's Legacy
Ben Schwartz spoke to 'Hey Fandom!' about teaming up with 'The Office' crew, a potential 'Sonic' sequel, and 'Parks and Rec's' continued popularity.
Lon Harris
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Ben Schwartz on His Role in Marvel’s Animated ‘M.O.D.O.K.’ Series
During his 'Hey Fandom!' chat, the 'Parks and Rec' star spoke about his upcoming Marvel animated series and what he stole from the 'Star Wars' set.
Lon Harris
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Star Wars Changed Movies Forever But ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Changed Star Wars
40 years ago, 'The Empire Strikes Back' opened and showed just what the 'Star Wars' series was truly capable of.
Leigh Singer
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