🎥 Review: 'The Invisible Man' Is Scary and Extremely Effective 
Dan Murrel reviews Blumhouse and Leigh Whannell's newest horror thriller 'The Invisible Man.'
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'Star Wars: The High Republic' Could Have Some Familiar Faces
The new Star Wars storyline, launching via books and comics, takes place 200 years before the prequels. But that leaves a few possibilities open...
Donna Dickens
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Aku Is the Personification of Primordial Evil
Aku is a shape-shifting demon born from the primordial Black Mass, and the main antagonist of 'Samurai Jack.'
Samurai Jack Wiki
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There Was Money to Be Made and 'Frozen 2' Just Couldn't Let It Go
Honest Trailers revisits the magical realm of Arendelle to a soundtrack of B-sides, this time with just enough vague lore to set up 'Frozen 3 - 7'.
Meredith Paul
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‘Upgrade’ Director Wants to Make Sequel With Bigger Budget
Leigh Whannell and producer Jason Blum also talk upgrading 'The Invisible Man,' tackling #MeToo and missing out on one of horror's biggest franchises.
Kim Taylor-Foster
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'LoT's Caity Lotz on Evoking John Woo for Her Directorial Debut
Caity Lotz on stepping behind the camera for the first time, Sara's relationship with Ava, the return of Quentin Lance, and more.
Liz Shannon Miller
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How ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Fits into the Series’ Timeline
13 years later, Half-Life is back. If you can't remember your Freeman from your G-man, here's a re-cap of the story so far -- and where Alyx fits in.
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Where We Last Saw the Characters in 'Westworld' 
Who's alive, who's dead, and who was dead but are feeling better now? Here's a catch up before Season 3 debuts on HBO.
Lon Harris
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