Paramount Plus Is Here and You Can Try It Free
Here's how to get it and find out more about your favorite shows.
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Ultimate 'Raya and the Last Dragon' Merch Guide
Mark the March 5 release of Disney's new adventure with this 🔥 selection of Raya toys, trinkets, t-shirts, & more
Fandom Shop
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Chickens in Video Games: A Definitive Ranking
Tons of video games have chickens in them, but which ones rule the roost?
Bailey Meyers
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Honest Game Trailers | Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood
This week's Honest Game Trailer answers the most important question of all: is it fun to be a werewolf?
Fandom Staff
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‘WandaVision’ Director on Wanda’s Grief, Evan Peters’ Role, and Fan Theories
'WandaVision' director Matt Shakman on what the show is really about, telling Monica's origin, delivering a satisfying finale, and more.
Eric Goldman
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Daisy Ridley on ‘Chaos Walking’ and Rey & Baby Yoda’s Force Connection
Ridley and author/screenwriter Patrick Ness on creating a world where you can literally see and hear men's thoughts.
Eric Goldman
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The Negan Redemption: From The Walking Dead’s Big Bad to Sympathetic Hero
How The Walking Dead created a despicable villain only to turn him into one of the show's most loved characters -- step-by-step.
Kim Taylor-Foster
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Legend of Allies: The History of Link’s Companions
Our 'Legend of Zelda' 35th anniversary celebration continues with a look at the characters who fought by Link's side.
Matt Acevedo
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'Agatha All Along' and More: Creating the Visuals of 'WandaVision'
The show's cinematographer and production designer on how they craft the show's decades-spanning look. 
Matt Fowler
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Fandom Acquires Fanatical
Fandom, an entertainment company focusing on content about gaming, comic books, movies and TV shows, has acquired Focus Multimedia.
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