How Boba Fett Paved the Way for Mandalorians to Dominate Star Wars
40 years ago, moviegoers met Boba Fett, and the iconic bounty hunter laid the groundwork for years of Star Wars stories, 'The Mandalorian' included.
R.W.V. Mitchell
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Star Wars’ Most Malevolent Moffs: A Sliding Scale of Evil
Now that Moff Gideon is on the scene in The Mandalorian's post-Battle of Endor landscape, we look at where he fits in the Moff evil stakes.
Kim Taylor-Foster
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The Mandalorian: A Day in the Life of Baby Yoda
As Baby Yoda steels himself for more toil, toys, and trouble in 'The Mandalorian' S2, let's take a look at a typical day in The Child's (short) life.
Fandom Staff
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Win Money on ‘Star Wars’-Themed ‘Fandom 5 or Do Not: There Is No Try
You've never heard of the 'Fandom 5'? It's the show that rewards your knowledge about the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs!
Lon Harris
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Celebrating 20 Years of the PS2
With the PS5 almost here, we look back on why the PlayStation 2 remains one of the best-loved (and best selling) consoles ever. 
James McMahon
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Bowser at 35: All Hail the King of ‘Super Mario Bros.'
The 35th Anniversary of 'Super Mario Bros.' also means it's the 35th anniversary of the debut of Bowser and here's what makes King Koopa so great.
Matt Acevedo
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Pokémon ‘Crown Tundra’ DLC Brings Back Some Blasts from the Past
The new 'Pokémon Sword and Shield' DLC, 'Crown Tundra,' features many Legendary Pokémon, though there are some notably missing Mythical faces...
Riley Rose
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How ‘Back to the Future’ Upgraded the DeLorean
With a new 'Back to the Future' trilogy 4K box set here, check out this exclusive clip looking at one of the most famous movie vehicles ever.
Lon Harris
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The Best Video Games from Bethesda Softworks
From 'Skyrim' to 'Fallout 76,' explore a brief history of Bethesda Softworks' genre-defining games
Fandom Shop
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How Mario Changed (And Keeps Changing) Gaming
It's been 35 years since 'Super Mario Bros.' made a huge impact on video games, and Mario has continued to lead the way ever since.
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