Red Dead

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'Red Dead Redemption II' Original Soundtrack Arrives Next Month
The 13-song collection will be available to bring you back to the wild west on July 12. 
Game Informer
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'RDR2' Inspired 'Breath of the Wild 2'
The 'a lot' of the younger members of the team were playing 'Red Dead Redemption 2' during development of the sequel.
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'Red Dead Online' Debuts New Showdown Mode 'Sport of Kings'
This new Showdown Mode will test your horsemanship skills as you do battle against other players while riding through your team's signal fires. 
Rockstar Games
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A Hilarious Way to Strip Micah of His Dignity
He deserves worse, but it'll do 😂
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'Red Dead Online' Announces Monthly Exclusive Content for PS4
Collect special awards like treasure maps to hunt down Gold Nuggets, Cash, and other loot.
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