Jimmy Fallon Goes Full 'Bandersnatch'
'Bandersnatch' claims in a new victim.
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Alex Kurtzman Plans to Return as 'Discovery' Showrunner for S3
'I feel such a debt to the cast and drew of this show — I don’t feel like I can leave it,' Kurtzman said.
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🚨 Spoiler Alert 🚨
Trekkers react to the 'Star Trek: Discovery' S2 premiere 🖖
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Report: 'Ghostbusters' Sequel Will Center Around a Young Boy and Girl 
The third film could still include members of the previous cast. 
We Got This Covered
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Ultimate Guide to 'Star Trek: Discovery' S2
Get up to speed on everything before the show debuts on Jan. 17. 
The Hollywood Reporter
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" It's an insane burden and terrifying but also a hugely exciting challenge and an incredible gift — I feel like I've just won the lottery "
Ethan Peck on playing Spock in 'Discovery' S2
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