Star Trek

" It is twenty years in the future. So, it is a very different world that we are going to encounter. "
Patrick Stewart previews new Picard series 
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" You’ll see Burnham’s ability to bring Spock’s human side to the surface. It’s really a version of Spock that we’ve never seen. "
Anson Mount on the relationship between Spock and Burnham in 'Discovery' S2
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'Star Trek' Animated Series Nearing Deal with Nickelodeon
The series will be written by 'Ninjago' writers Kevin and Dan Hageman and will target younger viewers. 
The Hollywood Reporter
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A Fan Favorite Returns in New 'Discovery' Photos
Dr. Hugh Culber will make his debut in S2 in the episode titled 'Saints of Imperfection.' 
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" I would love to ... I love my Star Trek family so we’ll see how it goes. "
Zachary Quinto is hopeful 'Star Trek 4' will happen
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