Stranger Things

" Max and Lucas have this hilarious relationship that I think everyone's gonna love "
Sadie Sink teases more Lumax in 'Stranger Things' S3
Marie Claire
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Netflix Set for Biggest Price Hike in Company History
The online streaming giant is raising its prices for its 58 million US subscribers by $2.
BuzzFeed News
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Best Fan Theories From the 'Stranger Things' Teaser
The trailer showed no actual footage from the season and left us with more questions than answers.
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Everything You Need to Know about 'Stranger Things 3'
Get ready for a thrilling 4th of July. 
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'Stranger Things' Celebrates New Year by Announcing S3 Release Date
1985 will never be the same. 'Stranger Things' returns for a third season July 4, 2019 on Netflix. 
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Complete Guide to the Netflix Originals Dropping in 2019
The streaming service is already stacked for the New Year.
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" Season 3 is different but I think everyone is going to like it. It's my favorite so far "
Sadie Sink teases 'Stranger Things' S3
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