Legend of Allies: The History of Link’s Companions
Our 'Legend of Zelda' 35th anniversary celebration continues with a look at the characters who fought by Link's side.
Matt Acevedo
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All Rainbow Roads Lead to the Very First Nintendo-Themed ‘Fandom 5’
We're going to separate the Triforce from the Try-Hards with increasingly difficult trivia questions.
Lon Harris
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Fandom Acquires Fanatical
Fandom, an entertainment company focusing on content about gaming, comic books, movies and TV shows, has acquired Focus Multimedia.
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Highlights from the Inaugural Muthead Tyson Bowl
Check out the highlights from the first Muthead Tyson Bowl.
Fandom Staff
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Understanding ‘The Legend of Zelda’
In honor of the 35th anniversary of 'The Legend of Zelda,' we detangle the series' complicated timeline.
Katie Elsaesser
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Honest Game Trailers | ‘The Medium’
Trailers that tell you the TRUTH about your favorite video games. This week is 'The Medium'!
Fandom Staff
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The Weird & Wonderful History of Phantasmagoria
We take a deep dive into the story of Sierra On-Line's infamous cult classic Phantasmagoria.
Lauren Badillo Milici
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Hitman: The Story So Far
Are you ready for HITMAN 3? Catch up on what you missed with our guide to the story of Hitman!
Bailey Meyers
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Aussie esports coach SeeEl shares tips and tricks to help a rookie up their game
One lucky competition winner was able to sit down with the 'League of Legends' esports coach for The Cheifs to get some pro tips.
Jack Revell
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