Are We Safe From the Real World Parasite that Inspired ‘The Last Of Us’?
From the Salem Witch trials to organ transplants, a leading disease expert reveals the shocking historical truth of this very real fungus.
Tom Regan
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Piecing Together the Enigmatic World of ‘Death Stranding’
Don’t know your BTs from your Timefall? Here’s all we’ve figured out so far about Kojima’s new 'action strand' adventure.
Tom Regan
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'Modern Warfare' Beta Preloading Open to PC, XBO, and PS4
The crossplay open beta (PS4, Xbox One, & PC) starts on Sept. 20, at 6PM PDT. 
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New Planet Is Coming to 'Battlefront II' This Month
Felucia arrives later this month as part of the Cooperation Update, which is currently targeting a release date of September 25.
Watch the 'Death Stranding' Demo From TGS (With English Subtitles)
Take a look at some of the things you can do inside Bridges' room
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'Red Dead Redemption 2' Teases Undead Nightmare
Zombies have shown up in both single- and multi-player
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Twitch Acquires Internet Games Database
The Twitch streaming service is a subsidiary of Amazon, which also owns IMDB — Expansion may mean 'the version of IGDB we all always dreamed about.'
The Hollywood Reporter
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'DBZ: Kakarot' Leaks Revealed, Including Gohan's Baseball Game
Early leaks of V Jump revealed notable Buu saga henchmen Yakon and Pui Pui will be included. Plus a baseball game from Gohan's time at Orange Star HS.
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'Call of Duty: Mobile' Gets Official Release Date
The free-to-play title will hit Android and iOS devices on Oct. 1. 
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