‘Don’t Look Deeper’ and How Film and TV Depicts Robotics and AI
The new Quibi series is the next stage in the exploration of artificial life through movies and television.
Drew Dietsch
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Flash Gordon Star Sam J Jones Talks Possible Sequel Storylines 40 Years On
If Disney doesn’t honour discussions to make a live-action sequel, he’ll make it himself, says the actor.
Kim Taylor-Foster
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The Classic New Mutants Story that Inspired the Movie
A big New Mutants story serves as an inspiration for the film and could establish Magik as a key part of Marvel's magical future.
TJ Dietsch
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Honest Trailers | Cowboy Bebob
Honest Trailers does 'Cowboy Bebop' – Sponsored by Google Play
Fin Carew
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How Akira Kurosawa’s Films Color Expectations For ‘Ghost Of Tsushima’
With 'Ghost of Tsushima' on the way, we look at the influence Akira Kurosawa's films look to have on the game.
Chris Lam
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Honest Trailers | ‘Indiana Jones’
Honest Trailers does 'Indiana Jones' – Sponsored by Google Play
Fin Carew
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Jason Blum on ‘You Should Have Left,’ ‘Halloween Kills’ and ‘Happy Death Day 3’
Blumhouse's founder on his new Kevin Bacon-led horror movie, the hold-up on a 'Halloween' trailer, 'Dracula,' 'Paranormal Activity,' and more.
Eric Goldman
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Ranking the Dinosaurs From ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Jurassic World’
Celebrating five years since 'Jurassic World' revived the mega-franchise, here's a comprehensive guide to just about every dinosaur from the series.
James McMahon
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Meet 12-Year-Old Genius Artemis Fowl
Streaming exclusively on Disney Plus June 12
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‘Spirited Away’: The Many Faces of No-Face
With 'Spirited Away' joining other Studio Ghibli films on HBO Max, we look to unravel the secrets behind No-Face, one of their most iconic characters.
KC Nichols
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