How ‘Back to the Future’ Upgraded the DeLorean
With a new 'Back to the Future' trilogy 4K box set here, check out this exclusive clip looking at one of the most famous movie vehicles ever.
Lon Harris
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Spookiest Movies, TV Shows, & Games for Halloween
Explore our list of bone-chilling horror movies, TV games, and video games to get you into the Halloween spirit
Fandom Shop
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Star Wars: The History of the Darksaber
From 'The Clone Wars' to 'The Mandalorian,' this powerful and revered weapon has made a big impact on the galaxy.
Donna Dickens
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Honest Trailers | Scream
Honest Trailers takes a stab at 'Scream' – warning for spoilers! It's only 24 years old, after all.
Fandom Staff
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Pixar’s ‘Soul’ Ponders Why Life is Worth Living
The creative team behind the new Pixar film on the heady ideas that inspired it and figuring out how to animate something that has no form.
Eric Goldman
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The Best James Bond Gadgets and Gifts
While we wait for 'No Time to Die,' get these collectibles, gadgets, & gifts that any aspiring 007 would enjoy right now
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‘Star Wars Squadrons’: Know Your Imperial and New Republic Ships
With 'Star Wars: Squadrons' about to arrive, we take a look at the origins and capabilities of the ships featured in the game.
Bryan Young
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A ‘Fandom 5’ That’s All About Disney is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Dreams and wishes really do come true for fan/experts on the Disney edition of 'Fandom 5.'
Lon Harris
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Kang's MCU Debut Could Lead to Both Fantastic Four and Young Avengers
The 'Ant-Man 3' villain's long and complex Marvel history includes notable ties to Mr. Fantastic and even a big X-Men character.
Blair Marnell
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