Honest Trailers | ‘Indiana Jones’
Honest Trailers does 'Indiana Jones' – Sponsored by Google Play
Fin Carew
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Jason Blum on ‘You Should Have Left,’ ‘Halloween Kills’ and ‘Happy Death Day 3’
Blumhouse's founder on his new Kevin Bacon-led horror movie, the hold-up on a 'Halloween' trailer, 'Dracula,' 'Paranormal Activity,' and more.
Eric Goldman
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Ranking the Dinosaurs From ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Jurassic World’
Celebrating five years since 'Jurassic World' revived the mega-franchise, here's a comprehensive guide to just about every dinosaur from the series.
James McMahon
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Meet 12-Year-Old Genius Artemis Fowl
Streaming exclusively on Disney Plus June 12
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‘Spirited Away’: The Many Faces of No-Face
With 'Spirited Away' joining other Studio Ghibli films on HBO Max, we look to unravel the secrets behind No-Face, one of their most iconic characters.
KC Nichols
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Anya Taylor-Joy Talks ‘Emma’ and Why You Shouldn’t Be Wary of Costume Dramas
With 'Emma' now on Blu-ray, star Anya Taylor-Joy speaks to Fandom about Jane Austen's comedic inspiration for 'Clueless' and why it remains relatable.
Eric Goldman
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How ‘Empire’ and Boba Fett Paved the Way for Mandalorians to Dominate Star Wars
40 years ago, moviegoers met Boba Fett, and the iconic bounty hunter laid the groundwork for years of Star Wars stories, 'The Mandalorian' included.
R.W.V. Mitchell
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Ben Schwartz on 'Space Force’ and Jean-Ralphio's Legacy
Ben Schwartz spoke to 'Hey Fandom!' about teaming up with 'The Office' crew, a potential 'Sonic' sequel, and 'Parks and Rec's' continued popularity.
Lon Harris
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Star Wars Changed Movies Forever But ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Changed Star Wars
40 years ago, 'The Empire Strikes Back' opened and showed just what the 'Star Wars' series was truly capable of.
Leigh Singer
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‘Revenge of the Sith’ Opened the Door to Exploring the Afterlife in Star Wars
Upon the 15th anniversary of 'Revenge of the Sith,' we examine how the film began to teach us more about death -- and what comes next -- in Star Wars.
Bryan Young
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