Wiki Spotight: 7 Days to Die

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Gaming News

Not too long ago, we announced our partnership with development studio, The Fun Pimps, to host the official 7 Days to Die Wiki at Gamepedia. Since then, the game’s popularity has grown so tremendously, that earlier this week, we launched dedicated translated versions of the wiki in both Russian and German! Because of the community’s amazing support, we could only write about 7 Days to Die again, this time putting the official wiki in our weekly spotlight!

Since the last time we wrote about 7 Days to Die, so much has happened to this survival horde crafting game. Not only was their Kickstarter campaign successfully funded, but reaction was so strong that they made it to the 5th tier stretch goal! In addition, 7 Days to Die was Greenlit on Steam in 19 days and their fanbase has grown so rapidly that they put in new servers to support the growing community!

Alpha 1.1 is on the horizon and a list of what will be included in the next build has been published to the 7 Days to Die website:

  • Improved memory management, game needs less memory
  • 6 player consumer coop and multiplayer
  • Version check and login check can be bypassed now when our server cannot be reached
  • Better dedicated server support (unlimited players)
  • Console does not pop up on errors any more
  • Several item duplication bugs fixed
  • Added recipes for brick, decayed brick, pavers red wood and more
  • Zombie stair pathing improved

Community, you’ve helped 7 Days to Die achieve so much, so fast! You can still continue to be of assistance by being a contributor to the official wiki! Not sure how to get started? Do not worry there, we’ve got you covered. Each wiki has a general help page and we have a new Gamepedia Help Wiki that goes more in depth, including tutorials on generating some great content. Gamepedia staff and community members may also be found in our IRC channels for additional assistance or just to say hi!