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Gaming News

After running a successful Kickstarter campaign, Planet Explorers is available through Steam in its alpha build. Community voted to be Greenlit, Planet Explorers has moved its official wiki to Gamepedia! We’re very happy to be teaming up with Pathea to bring the community the most comprehensive, community-driven resource for Planet Explorers!

Featuring both single and multi-player options, this adventure RPG building game features three distinct modes for players: story, adventure and build. The build mode is an enemy-free testing ground where you test your skills with the tools this voxel-based sandbox gives you! Adventure mode is for running missions and setting up custom scenarios. Story mode is the main part of Planet Explorers; the true meat of this game. Players build, farm, collaborate, explore, adventure, fight, and get immersed in the Planet Explorers storyline!

When you need a break from exploring and creating, have a look at the official wiki and contribute! Just like Planet Explorers gives you the tools you need to build what you want in game, Gamepedia gives you the tools to be a successful contributor. Both the Help Page and Community Discussion Page are tools available on the Planet Explorers wiki. There is also the Help Wiki and #Gamepedia IRC channels for information and discussion!