Where Is the Antimatter Formula in No Man’s Sky?

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Many players in No Man’s Sky are experiencing confusion when it comes to locating the Antimatter formula. This simple guide will tell you exactly how to find Antimatter to craft your Warp Cell and then eventually find the recipe.

To travel to the next system, you’ll need a Warp Cell. It’s likely that Antimatter is the only ingredient you’re missing to create your own. In an Alien outpost on the starting planet, there’s an NPC that will supply you with Antimatter. (Screenshot of NPC here.) Alternatively, you can purchase Antimatter from the Galactic Trade Terminal space station. Either way, at this point you should not have the formula. Focus on building your Warp Cell.

After creating your Warp Cell, you’ll need to jump to the next system. Here, you’ll receive a signal about a manufacturing facility. This abandoned facility houses the Antimatter formula. Be wary of the sentinel presence! You’ll find the formula at the facility’s control console. Now that you have the formula, you don’t have to purchase Antimatter anymore- you can craft your own.

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