How to Get a 48-Slot Ship Without Spending Units in No Man’s Sky

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Are you sick and tired of inquiring to strange aliens about buying their ship, only to find that they either don’t have as many slots as you’re looking for or are asking a price that would make any Gek’s eyes bulge?

Well, don’t worry any longer! Follow the strategy below and you can have your very own 48-slot ship without having to spend any of your hard earned units on it. Be warned though, there will definitely be a time investment, but once you understand the basic idea, you can use it to upgrade your ship to whatever level you have the time or inclination for.

Step 1: Find a Transmission Tower

Transmission Towers are alien structures that can be found on just about any planet. Chances are you’ve stumbled on them already without realizing how useful they can be. There a couple of different ways to find them.

The first is to just cruise around looking for the distinctive set of three buildings that makes up a complete Outpost. These are the Trading Station, an Observatory, and the Transmission Tower. They’re often found all together, and you can easily recognize them from a distance by the presence of three buildings, one of which has a landing pad.

The other method is to use a Signal Scanner. These are the devices you’ll find emitting a thin orange beam into the sky. Craft a Bypass Chip and then select the “Transmission” option. Sometimes they’ll point you at other structures, like Beacons, in which case just use another chip until you get a Transmission Tower.

Step 2: Use the Tower to find Starship wrecks

Once you’ve entered the Transmission Tower (and chatted up the alien, if there’s one there), you’ll need to activate the terminal and solve a simple puzzle. Typically these are simple number puzzles, where you have to find the next number in the sequence. Solve the puzzle, but be sure to remember the answer!

Once you enter the correct answer, you’ll go through a short cutscene-type sequence where a crash site is revealed. However, you can use the Tower as many times as you like, so keep using it until you have a good number of wrecks marked out.


Step 3: Locate, Claim, Repair, Repeat

The next step is to hunt down the crashed Starship and claim it as your own. Just be sure to make sure it has at least one additional slot than the one you have. Typically they will range from having one less to having two more slots than the ship you currently have.

Don’t forget to transfer all your cargo before finalizing the swap! You’ll then need to repair only the immediately needed system, the Launch Thrusters, using the Iron that’s readily available on all planets. Don’t worry about any of the other systems for now, although you can dismantle any powerful upgrades for the materials.

Fly your new starship to the next crash site, and you’ll usually find a ship that’s another slot or two larger than your current ship. Claim the new one, transferring your cargo, and then repair the Launch Thrusters. Keep repeating these steps until you’ve got the ship you want!

If you get bored, you can always repair the Pluse Drive and fly over to another planet or the Hyperdrive to hit up a new Star System. Within just a few hours, you’ll be cruising in your very own 48-slot ship without ever having to fork over millions of units to an alien!

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