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Did you know that we launch new wikis almost daily? From creating partnerships with development studios so we can bring you official wikis, to wikis launched from fan requests, something new is always on the horizon at Gamepedia. Don’t see a game you’re passionate about here? Mash that Suggest-A-Wiki button on the front page and let us know about it! Gamepedia is your site and we want to know what information you want to see here! Here is just a small list of our most recently launched wikis!

Duel of Champions Wiki – Might and Magic Duel of Champions Trading Card Game! Play the hero, build an army, cast powerful spells! Duel of Champions features almost 600 unique cards, deck building and management, ranked gampeplay and online tournaments, all free to play!

Mighty No. 9 Wiki – If you love sidescrollers and 8/16 bit games, Mighty No. 9 is what you’re looking for! You star as the 9th robot in a line of powerful robots, Beck. A computer virus has just wrecked your world, making machines go berserk. Now it’s up to you to restore order!

Neo’s Land Wiki – Created by Neojac, Neo’s Land is a fantasy-based MMORPG where the fans are in control. Create content and have direct input into the shaping of the game! A voxel-based building sandbox game, Neo’s Land is ideal for the gamer who wants complete control in their gaming experiences.

Chroma Squad Wiki – With classic pixel art, Chroma Squad is an action adventure game where you control a squad of sentai heroes! There are multiple aspects of this game, from managing your team, running a TV studio where they perform and fight monsters as you adventure!

LEGOS Minifigure Online Wiki – Go on an epic online adventure featuring the minifigures of the LEGO universe! A good mixture of LEGO building (and destroying) with a solid RPG, you collect and adventure in a game for your PC, Android or iOS device.

Survive Wiki – The world you enter is procedurally drawn, spawning you into a random house in this first-person game set in a world in chaos amidst the zombie apocalypse! Survive aims to allow players to realistically work on strategies and survival as you search for food, water and shelter while battling zombie hordes!

Exoplanet: First Contact Wiki – With a background of American Western novels, a futuristic setting and a balance of action and RPG, this game is suited perfectly for any gamer who wants a rich, diverse experience! Adventure through a human colony on an alien planet having a gold rush in this Space Opera.

Craft The World Wiki – Craft The World is a mix of god simulators, crafting, sandbox and strategy games. Not only does this game offer crafting, but there are multiple worlds to explore, castles to build, resources to gather and enemies to fight off!

Black Annex Wiki – Manage an operation set in the world of corporate espionage! Balance your role in the world between your team management and the persona you choose to play as. Choose roles between data theft, kidnapping and everything else in this thriller!

If you enjoy these wikis, why not join your dedicated community of contributors? Editing and contributing content couldn’t be easier. Every wiki on Gamepedia has a Help Page, accessible from the left-side navigation column. This will give you a good overview about wiki editing. If you’re interested in more, the Help Wiki is full of more in-depth information, including tutorials! Gamepedia staff and community members are also available in IRC channels, such as #Gamepedia. /Join and say hi!