Bad Blood With Cenarion Circle Ruins Player’s WoW: Legion Launch Night

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Cenarion Circle Hated Reputation Prevents Player for Doing Legion Artifact Quest

Druarr, a tauren druid on server EU-Kazzak, encountered quite a hurdle with his artifact quests while playing World of Warcraft: Legion last night. More specifically, he couldn’t do the quest because Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem hated him.

The Archdruid’s hate wasn’t misplaced, as Druarr had spent hours brutally murdering peaceful Moonglade guards in the past. It seemed that karma had finally caught up with the druid, as he was basically unable to proceed into the new expansion on the game’s launch night.

Thankfully, the issue was hotfixed by Blizzard, and Cenarion Circle decided to make peace with everyone.

World of Warcraft - Hotfix for Cenarion Circle Rep

While many players have suggested creating a Druarr NPC in the game, either as an outcast or even a butcher, the druid is probably just satisfied he can finally experience the new expansion. To see the story unfold for yourself, you can read Druarr’s plea to Blizzard on the forums here.

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