Introducing the Candy Box 2 Wiki!

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Gaming News

Candy Box 2, developed by 19 year old aniway, is now released! To coincide with the game’s release, we are announcing The Candy Box 2 Wiki alongside the launch. Candy Box 2 is an RPG with a choose your own adventure feel, playable through your browser and built in JavaScript. All of the graphics are ASCII and the entire game is under a GPLv3 license, allowing anyone who wishes to look at the source code and modify it is welcome to!

You begin by getting candies, which are represented by a counter ticking up. As you eat candies, parts of the game begin to unlock, beginning with a save button. You can also buy things with your candy supply in the village shop. Clicking MAP in the task bar will open it, allowing you to explore the town. Minimizing it means you can eat more candy!

To learn more about Candy Box 2, have a look at the wiki for the most up-to-date information! Happen to find a misplaced comma or found an item in the game that’s not on the wiki? We give you the tools you need to be a successful editor! The Help Page has basic information, while the Help Wiki has tutorials. You can always strike up a conversation with your community by joining #Gamepedia in IRC!