Keep Your Eyes Peeled for These Awesome FFXV Easter Eggs

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There probably isn’t a more self-referential series of video games than the Final Fantasy series. Every game pays homage to the games before it in narrative theme, game mechanics, or simply just name dropping from Final Fantasy’s past. These games are often rife with Easter Eggs specifically for fans digging for the coolest little hat tips. The most recent installment, Final Fantasy XV, is no exception. Here’s a short list of the best so far.

  • Indiana Jones reference: In the mission “The Trail of Ramuh”, Noctis and his companions eventually travel through a cave. Towards the end, Prompto gets briefly separated from you. If you listen closely, you’ll hear him shout the line “Snakes? Why’d it hafta be snakes?” The line is famously from the 1981 adventure flick, Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Iris and her Moogle: In Chapter 6, Iris will join your party for a road trip to Cape Caem. If you get into battle at any point while she’s with you, she will actually participate by healing you periodically.  She won’t actively attack, but you can engage in Link attacks with her in which she will throw a big stuffed Moogle at her foes.
  • Singing Prompto: Prompto is constantly singing and humming tunes to himself or the party. Some of them might be familiar, including his own rendition of the tried and true Chocobo theme. After battles, he may also hum the signature Victory Fanfare in celebration of a fight well fought.


  • Prompto-Pool: As the resident comic relief, much of the jokey, lighthearted moments come from Prompto. Many of these are 4th wall-breaking, tongue-in-cheek references to things like movies and video games. He’s constantly spouting off references to gaining XP and leveling up, acknowledging that he is just a character in a video game in a sort of roundabout way. It’s all very meta.
  • A key that opens any door: One of those moments mentioned above comes when encountering one of the sealed doors near the Royal Tombs. Early on, you can’t unlock it, but Prompto has some speculations on what it would take to open one, including a “magical key that can open any door – just like in the video games!” Or one specific video game, another Square Enix action-RPG, Kingdom Hearts. Maybe you’ve heard of it?
  • Nissin Noodle Hijinx: The product placement in Final Fantasy XV is heavy. Shops (in the demo) take American Express, you camp with Coleman equipment – it’s all very jarring, considering how little this is done in the video game space. Maybe the most heavy handed is the prominence of Nissin’s Cup Noodles in Gladio’s diet. He will suggest grabbing a Cup Noodle when he’s near the noodle cart in places like Lestallum. Nissin took the sponsorship to the next level when they released this remixed version of a 15-second FFXV trailer, as well as a website for Cup Noodle XV. Well played, Nissin.

If you spot some that are on this list, let us know! And swing by our FFXV Wiki for more information.