New Worlds and Creature Changes Come to CHKN in the Adventure Update

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Gaming News

When it comes to games that allow you to created near-abominations from pieces of the environment like a digital Doctor Frankenstein, there is no real competition for Katapult’s CHKN. Its Minecraft-meets-Don’t Starve gameplay has what it takes to truly shake up the sandbox survival genre. If you’ve never played it, imagine a game that tasks you to survive in sometimes harsh climates, learn how to cook certain foods, and build shelters and equipment. In that same game, the wildlife is elaborate, exotic, occasionally dangerous, and often times tamable. And if you don’t want to domesticate just any creature, you have the option to MAKE your own. Interested now?

If the answer is yes, than you are in luck! Now’s the perfect time to get into CHKN, as the new Adventure Update is live and brings numerous changes to the game. From improving the way monsters act to adding more worlds for them to exist in, the Adventure Update changes the complexity of this ambitious title as it moves further along its journey through Early Access.

A sampling of the updates are listed below:


  • Brand new environment: 5 unique biomes (tropical beach, forest, desert, swamp, volcanic) and points of interest to explore
  • New wild creature combos, with unique “mini-bosses” to challenge
  • New Adventure Mode intro experience (tutorial)
  • 4 mysterious temples added across the map (look for the beams of light to investigate!)
  • Magic eggs and lifeshaper relics added: unlock the ability to build more powerful creatures by finding the lifeshaper relics in Adventure Mode
  • New creature stat system: Important stats are displayed on screen while you build a creature
  • Creature-powered structures: craft building blocks and higher tiered items by putting your creatures to work


  • Creatures now respect diet type: herbivore, carnivore, and omnivore; they will get sick if feed the wrong food type
  • Creatures that have been commanded to attack another creature will no longer eat the lifeblocks of their vanquished foe
  • Creatures will now automatically help break things: start chopping down a tree, for example, and your creature will come assist
  • Creatures can now pick items up in their mouths: they’re helping!
  • While building a creature, removed blocks no longer fall to the floor and need to be picked up; instead, blocks are magnetized to the player and picked up automatically
  • Cooking now requires a fuel source (like some wood) and time for the item to cook

There are many more changes and feature updates, and you can read the full list at CHKN’s update blog. Share your creations and adventures with Katapult on Twitter @chkngame and with us @CurseGamepedia. For more information about all things CHKN, come to our Official Wiki!