Our Titanfall Wiki is Now Official!

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Gaming News

Here at Gamepedia, our principal focus has always been on delivering the best content we possibly could to as many gamers as we could reach, enriching both the gameplay experience and the personal knowledge of fans of a variety of genres and titles. To this end, we have endeavored to bring you the most up to date data, walkthroughs, and news for all of your favorite titles, and have reached out to many developers in a bid to gain “Official Status”. This coveted state, “Official Status”, has permitted us to form a conduit of official data, character models, item descriptions, level details, and more, allowing our various Official Wikis to function as both a community for the players and a direct information pipeline to the Developer. Becoming an “Official Wiki” means better content, a larger breadth of coverage, and increased presence, allowing more gamers to find and utilize our hard-developed resources and contribute their own to our growing network of Wikis.

In this spirit, Gamepedia and Curse are proud to announce that we have reached an agreement with the developer and publisher of Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, to make our wiki the Official Titanfall Wiki! Continuing in our long line of successful official partnerships, Titanfall on Gamepedia will provide fans and viewers a direct link to the developers, providing fresh content available on no other site. As interest grows and the title nears release, additional information, contests, and giveaways sponsored by EA will come into full swing, allowing the Wiki and its community to thrive and grow exponentially.

Not too long ago, we launched a massive editing contest for Titanfall, offering an Xbox One Console and a copy of Titanfall to the top editor (with three copies of Titanfall for the next runners-up); this contest was a massive and unprecedented success, with an outstanding outpouring of support and community effort seldom seen anywhere else but Gamepedia. Thousands of edits, made across hundreds of pages, are partly to thank for our Official Status, and we would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to our wonderful community. Good job everyone!

As our partnership enters full swing, Titanfall on Gamepedia will begin a new transformation in content, style, and format; expect huge changes in the coming weeks, culminating in the most up-to-date and complete information available on the net, delivered daily and available nowhere else. We look forward to seeing all of you on our Official Titanfall Wiki, and thank you for your contributions and efforts!