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While the Awesomenauts Wiki is not new, it is now being hosted on Gamepedia and is now the Official Wiki for Awesomenauts! The community has spoken, and we would like to welcome this wiki. From the Ronimo Games studio, Awesomenauts is an arena based platformer that is available on multiple platforms, including Steam, Xbox and Playstation. Enjoy 3 v 3 sidescrolling battles!

Featuring drop-in matchmaking, customizable skills for your characters, unlockable abilities, tons of obtainable items and a bright, cartoon art style, this playful MOBA adds in fun to the usual competition! Call upon holograms to knock back your opponents, while surfing or bending time! Play with your friends against enemies or offline against bots — never wait for battle.

While we’re certainly excited to welcome the now-Official Awesomenauts Wiki to the community, no wiki is ever complete without those of you who take the time to make edits and contributions. Gamepedia believes in allowing the community to be as successful as possible by having the best tools available for that success. To get started as a contributor, have a look at the Help Wiki to learn how you can be the next amazing member of the community!