15 Best ‘Game of Thrones’ Halloween Costume Ideas

Evie Taylor
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With Halloween just around the corner, we list our top 15 Game of Thronesinspired costumes to dress up as this year. Whether you’re aiming for terrifyingly creepy, (we’re talking blood, guts, severed limbs; the whole GoT shebang) or if you’re just wanting to look fabulous this October, we’ve got all your Halloween costume inspiration here.

The Unsullied

unsullied game of thrones  Halloween costume idea

The Unsullied is definitely a costume for the “lads” night out on Halloween. It’s pretty simple too. Get your mates to join in or, if you’re pairing up with your Mrs. this Halloween, why not try a Grey Worm and Missandei joint costume.

What You’ll Need:

  • Black clothing (black pants and sleeveless black top)
  • Armour pieces — these could be made from card
  • Captain America-ish shield covered in aluminium foil
  • Massive-ass spear
  • Helmet — spray-painting a Roman gladiator helmet black could work

The Hound

the hound

Whether you want to go all-out armour gear, complete with Sandor Clegane’s dog helmet, or just dress in a casual villager’s outfit, the symbol of this costume would be the burn that covers almost half of The Hound’s face. Make the scar gruesome, realistic and gross to make a big impact.

What You’ll Need:

  • Rough, brown waistcoat or sleeveless jacket with a cream shirt and trousers
  • If you have the skills, utilise latex and pink face paint to create that awful scar and it will look even better if it spreads beyond your hairline (use a bald cap)
  • If you’re not that creative, even sticking small pieces of foam or paper on your face and painting it will give your skin that patchy look
  • As with most of these Game of Thrones Halloween ideas, the costume isn’t complete without a greasy hairpiece, and Clegane’s is very tangled and messy
  • Throw a ragged beard in there if you have time.

Poisoned Joffrey

joffrey-death game of thrones

You will make more than a few people uncomfortable dressed as a poisoned, dead man walking. For maximum impact with this Game of Thrones-inspired Halloween costume, focus on the make-up for the dying Joffrey here.

What You’ll Need:

  • Blonde colour wash-out hairspray — the lightest one you can get your hands on
  • Some trousers, top, and jacket in light colours (golden, silver, yellow, orange) to show royalty
  • If you’re good with a sewing kit, add detail with some elegant gold embroidery on your sleeves or chest
  • Pale, dried foundation to show that you’re dead
  • Bloodshot contacts
  • Fake blood for your nose and mouth.

The Mountain

The Mountain-Game-of-Thrones

Gregor Clegane is yet another dead man — or is heIf you have the right build and height, this Halloween costume can be very intimidating. Remember not to talk too much to make your costume even more spooky. This can be a terrifying zombie outfit.

What You’ll Need:

  • A shiny helmet spray painted gold
  • Armour pieces. These can be made out of card, again sprayed gold (the shoulder pads and torso are the most important)
  • Red contact lenses.

Tyrion Lannister After the Battle of the Blackwater

tyrion game of thrones fresh scar

With this look, you want to focus all your attention on that ghastly scar Tyrion received during the Battle of the Blackwater in Season 2. Make this cut your pride and glory which should spread right across your face. Wear it freshly slashed or healing slowly with the Medieval-style stitches and dressing. Bandaging half your face like Tyrion had after the battle would also look incredibly creepy.

This classic scar is a big part of Tyrion’s character and would turn Game of Thrones fans’ heads. Much like the dying Joffrey Halloween costume, the scar is really all you need to make a big impact.

What You’ll Need:

  • Even if you’re not a master of prosthetics, you can easily use adhesive glue to stick some black cotton or string to your face to make it look like stitches
  • Fake blood
  • Bandages (blood-soaked and aged)

The Sand Snakes

sand snakes arguing intro game of thrones helen sloan

Bastard daughters and deadly assassins, this costume can be pulled off with two of your friends and some stunning colour coordination. All three of you will look irresistibly poisonous as Dorne‘s Sand Snakes for Halloween.

What You’ll Need:

  • Brown boots
  • Gold or brown dress — you can even buy some gold material to wrap around yourself. Remember it’s warm in Dorne so make sure whatever you wear is thin and loose
  • Embroider some gold detail on a brown belt or use a gold craft pen or marker to draw it on
  • Very long spears, knives, whips, and machetes.

The Crows and The Wildlings

crows and wildlings jon snow game of thrones

Just hope that it’s cold at your Halloween party because you’re going to be roasting in this costume. If there’s a costume competition going on, split into two teams, one team dressing as Free Folk and the other dressing as The Watchers on the Wall, and fight to the death over who gets to be Jon Snow.

What You’ll Need:

For the Wildlings

  • Grey trousers and top
  • Winter coat or customise a regular coat with pieces of furry material
  • Snow boots — walk around in the snow for 30 years and then you will get the perfect, antique, gritty look. If you don’t have 30 years to spare, go traipsing around in the snow, mud and/or dirt in your street for a while to scuff them up.

For the Night’s Watch

  • Black leather (most importantly gloves and belt)
  • Super long black cape with the furry hoods
  • Accessorise with Jon Snow’s Valyrian steel sword which you can buy online.

Jaqen H’ghar


Follower of The Many-Faced God, Jaqen H’ghar is the pinnacle of mystery, so don’t forget that less is more. Don’t worry too much about your makeup here; plain and pale complemented with a vacant expression is all you need. A man is no one without this costume.

What You’ll Need:

  • An oversized cloak with a large hood. Make it look dirty and aged by spraying it grey or soaking it in coffee for a day or so
  • A reddish wig with the all-important silver highlight which you can paint on yourself.


melisandre game of thrones

Want to dress as a witch this Halloween? You still can with Melisandre. You don’t need a witch’s hat or broom for this look but swap those for red hair, red boots, and a red dress.

What You’ll Need:

  • A long red wig or extensions
  • Rosy cheeks, red lipstick, and on fleek eyebrows
  • Red boots and dress
  • To make fellow Game of Thrones fans notice, perfect the look with a replica of Melisandre’s beautiful, ruby gem choker that keeps her young and beautiful and hides her decrepit, old-lady form.

The Dothraki

dothraki game of thrones

You may be confident enough to dress up as the buff Khal Drogo, complete with blue body paint, but, if not, there are millions of Dothraki extras you can draw your inspiration from. Bonus points if you own a horse.

What You’ll Need:

  • Armoured kilt — you can attach pieces of card to an old medium-length skirt
  • Card torso pieces and wrist cuffs
  • Bandages to wrap around your knuckles
  • Spears and large swords
  • A stick-on black beard plaited or in a ponytail
  • Dark liner to define those deep eyes
  • Finish off the look with casual sandals

The Stone Men

jorah mormont greyscale game of thrones

Whether you’re dressing as Jorah Mormont, Princess Shireen Baratheon, or Stone man number three, this one is guaranteed to freak people out. You may want to think about having crazy eyes and yellow teeth if you want to look fully infected with the greyscale disease. However, make sure to keep the infection subtle but shocking on one side of your face if you’re dressing as lil’ Shireen. Tip: don’t moisturise for a couple of weeks.

What You’ll Need:

  • It’s all about the makeup here; apply a dusty, grey foundation to start
  • Make your skin and lips look dead and cracked with liquid latex or even try applying toothpaste to your entire face or body and leave it to crack up. Make sure to paint it grey afterward
  • Grey, loose shirt, trousers/leggings, and gloves
  • Colour your teeth with yellow teeth stain if you are dressing as an infected Stone man and maybe even add some bloodshot contacts.

Children of the Forest

This Game of Thrones Halloween costume can be incredibly intricate but you will look supernatural, alien-like, and scary all at the same time. If trees could walk and talk, they would be The Children of the Forest, so we want to go for a natural, green look.

What You’ll Need:

  • Start with plain underclothes — shirts and leggings can be brown, green, grey or cream
  • Use brown rope as vines and wrap them around your legs, arms, and torso (you can even get real leaves or flowers to stick to these ropes)
  • Braided/plaited hair
  • Green face paint; you could draw trunk-like patterns on your skin with a makeup pencil
  • Black or dark green lipstick
  • Green contacts.

Daenerys Targaryen

Why dress up as a monster, when you can dress up as the stunning Queen of Dragons? Work that long, silver wig, and draw on those thick eyebrows. If the look you’re going for this year is less sexy and more gory, then maybe a blood-covered Daenerys after she ate that horse’s heart would be perfect for you. Anyone who can persuade their mate to wear a dragon costume alongside this gets bonus points.

What You’ll Need:

  • A gorgeous full-length blue dress
  • Red Riding Hood-like cloak but in blue
  • Add more detail with dragon symbols on jewellery and don’t forget Dany’s wedding ring
  • Blue contact lenses
  • Long, wavy blonde wig
  • Thick eyebrows and extreme lashes.


game of thrones wight

This is the ultimate zombie costume. The ticking time bomb antagonists to the entire series, the cold, dead, bloodied figures, the terrifying White Walkers and their reincarnated slaves, Wights, are the pinnacle of horror. If you want to pull off looking like a Wight, you will need to have obvious, open wounds and even missing limbs. Wights always appear dirty, so don’t forget to roll around in the mud to develop the decaying flesh look. The more blood, the better.

What You’ll Need:

  • Pale foundation
  • Contact lenses (dull blue)
  • Fake blood to cover yourself with
  • Create open wounds with latex, makeup, and blood — even lodge some weapons into these to make it look more gruesome. Have blood seeping from your mouth and nose
  • You can also wear a skeleton costume. After all, you’re dead.

White Walkers

Game of Thrones White Walker

White Walkers are a little more complicated to replicate than Wights, with their silver skin and icicle-looking hair, but will end up way creepier too.

What You’ll Need:

  • Silver, shiny face paint
  • Battle armour — this can be made out of grey card
  • Bright blue contact lenses
  • Icy horns and claws
  • A long silver wig

A version of this article was previously published on October 6, 2016

Evie Taylor