Starbound Enters Pre-Order Beta!

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Gaming News

Wednesday marks some very exciting news to everyone who has preordered Starbound. Starting 12/4/13, everyone who preordered will begin beta! Starbound is the first major project from Chucklefish, a studio who has primarily been a publisher beforehand. Love sandbox games? This extraterrestrial adventure game is just for you! We’re happy to introduce not only the Starbound Wiki, but its French and Spanish counterparts as well!

A true sandbox game, Starbound offers players endless creativity and multiple paths to pursue. Your story begins when you flee your planet, only to find yourself crash landing on another! Not only can you explore, craft, build and everything else you would expect, Chucklefish even promises campfire singalongs, complete with instruments!

If that’s not enough to get you excited for Starbound, a quick trip to any page on their website to view all of the adorable .gifs available will turn the most brittle, black heart into a fluffy pot of melty goo. Play by yourself or enter multiplayer to hang out with friends! Customize that ship you fly around in, build a massive fortress or chose the life of a solitary player with a cabin in the woods! Starbound lets you choose the game you want to play. Just watch out for those eyeball trees!

Need more awesome .gifs? Need Starbound already? Get your preorder on, get into beta and help squash bugs before this game is unleashed upon this world! Don’t forget, the Starbound Wikis (which includes French and Spanish) are always welcome to new contributors. Not sure where to start? Check out the awesome tutorials on our Help Wiki and chat with us in IRC!