Scrounge, Build, and Defend with Friends in Metal Gear Survive

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Gaming News

The Metal Gear Solid franchise was turned upside down with the release of The Phantom Pain in 2015. Three years later, it’s going to be shaken back down to its core yet again, as Konami takes a big gamble on something completely different with Metal Gear Survive.

When Mother Base is attacked by terrorists, there are only a handful of survivors, including Big Boss and Kaz Miller. Or at least, that’s what we thought. In actuality, many of the survivors of the attack were sucked through a wormhole and landed in another dimension. You are one of these wayward soldiers, who eventually finds themselves in the middle of some clandestine mission to research and harvest resources from this world beyond the pale, but not without great risk.

As you can read from our hands-on with the beta, you spend a great deal of Survive collecting materials, building fortifications, and tinkering with equipment in order to defend a vital point from waves of zombie-like monsters bent on destruction. At least, that’s what your Co-Op experience will look like, after gathering a squad of up to four players. Scrounging around for resources to build up your base camp, while also exploring this broken world and unlocking it’s secrets is a lot of what your single player experience will look like. 

Check out this trailer for another look at it:

Metal Gear Survive is available now on Xbox One and PS4, and will launch on Steam February 21. If you need more information, or have some to offer, come to our Metal Gear Survive wiki.