Outrun Cults and Krakens in Abandon Ship

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Gaming News

Fireblade Software’s horror-tinged tale of piracy in an apocalyptic Age of Sea, Abandon Ship, has teased curious fans of nautical adventure for the better part of two years now. Its take on 17th century sea life, mixed with its picturesque art style and dusting of supernatural intrigue makes for a colorful take on the long-standing nautical sub-genre. Now the game has arrived on the shores of Early Access, so we land-lovers can finally dabble in it.

Much of the hype surrounding Abandon Ship has come from the intricacies of its combat system. As displayed in the combat exhibition video released last spring, you will take control of your entire crew, moving them around the ship and assigning them to tasks to keep everything running smoothly during battle. Some sailors will man cannons, others will steer, while others may need to repair — your needs grow while your resources shrink, making each combat encounter increasingly more desperate and savage the longer they last. Boarding the enemy (and being boarded) is possible, and stormy seas complete with lightning storms can add another factor of unpredictability to battles.

Though your ship and crew can be lost to the sea, death (and a game over screen) isn’t necessarily your ultimate fate. You can find a way to salvage yourself, start again from the bottom, and rise back up to become a terror of the sea, once again. I’m sure this “gone, but not forgotten” mechanic plays heavily into the game’s exploration elements, which involve investigating locations via map points and contending with a slew of side-quests and curiosities on top of a main campaign. And, you know, probably running from cults and avoiding a kraken.

Check this trailer out to see it in action:


Abandon Ship is now in Early Access on Steam. For more information, come to the Official Abandon Ship Wiki!