Tame the Savage, Voxel-Based Lands of PixARK, Now in Early Access

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Gaming News

Do you love Minecraft, and its knack for unlocking the most industrious instincts inside you, as you turn blocks of soil into great masterpieces? How about Ark, with its savage environment and even more cutthroat gameplay? If you answered yes to both, then might I interest you in PixARK, a survival game that looks to blend the best of both worlds, taking two great tastes and seeing if they taste great together.

To survive the vast and wild world of PixARK, you’ll have to learn to tame its wildlife, both ferocious and friendly. You’ll need to develop the know-how to create magical tools and practical weapons, as well as build a base of operations to plan your next moves in safety. The robust character creator and procedurally-generated quests and voxel-based maps means every play-through will be unique. And you don’t have to do it alone — multiplayer co-op allows you and friends to form a tribe, build bases, and fend of flesh-eating, fire-breathing foes as a team.

See it in action in the trailer below:


PixARK is now in Early Access on Steam. Check it out, and come to the Official PixARK Wiki for more information.