Save the American Heartland From a Dangerous Cult in Far Cry 5

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Gaming News

Far Cry games are always big affairs, and the latest in the seminal series, Far Cry 5, is no different. Just as boisterous and zany as ever, Far Cry finally goes to a place it has never been before — America.

There’s something sick and rotting in America’s heartland. The people are getting desperate, more and more fearful of great calamity. Depending on who you are, destruction will come from society, God, or some combination of both. When you, a junior deputy, arrive on the scene at Hope County to quell the bubbling tension between its citizens and the Seed Family cult, you do the opposite. Instead, you spark the fires of revolution and, with the help of the locals, will extinguish them before the engulf all of Montana.

Beside the setting, a lot of Far Cry’s signature mechanics have been revamped and re-imagined. Side quests are no longer tethered to towers. Instead, finding new things to do comes more naturally. The progression system is reorganized too. Now instead of relying heavily on spending points in a tech tree or crafting, new skills and abilities are unlocked by performing unique actions with weapons, or solving platforming puzzles. Many of the characters you’ll meet during your time in Hope County will join you on your mission as well, with player even being able to have animal companions to aid them in battle ie Far Cry Primal

Check the madness out in action:


Far Cry 5 is available on PC and consoles today. Before you take up arms and join the fight, come to our Far Cry 5 wiki for some info to help get you on your feet.