Insane Robots Adds a Metallic Twist to the Card Battle Genre

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Gaming News

Playniac looked out into the great beyond known as the Card Game genre and wanted to be innovators. A hard sell. We’ve been playing with cards for centuries, and it’s pretty hard to do something new nowadays. Not to be dissuaded by the challenge, they spent time working with physical and digital cards in order to identify the pain points of card games. Expensive card expansions, time-consuming customization, farming, power creep — the time old tradition needed new ways to connect to the people. With Insane Robots, they think they may have found just that.

Stripping down the card battle game to its core concepts, Insane Robots focuses on the small 22-token decks with easy to master mechanics to do your battling. There are 46 different robots to unlock and over 100 modifications to explore, give each one granting unique and personalized tactical options. Mulitplayer matches can occur online or locally, and they can be 1v1 or 2v2. Bolt bashing can be done in epic fashion in their 15 plus hour single player campaign, placing you as robot revolutionary looking to save your people from a decaying mechanical civilization. Survival dungeons, compared to FTL and Battle Royale games, are also on deck to give you the ultimate challenge.

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Insane Robots is available now on PS4 and Steam, and comes to Xbox One July 13. If you want to know more, come to the Official Insane Robots Wiki!