Gamepedia Editor of the Month – July 2018

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Gaming News

It’s not often that an editor blows us away with work on a wiki for an unreleased game, but that’s what happened in July. Mug806 went above and beyond to document every scrap of info he could find about Satisfactory, an upcoming game from Coffee Stain Studios, and put it on the Official Wiki. Now, if Coffee Stain Studios sounds familiar, it’s because they’re the team behind the 2014 smash hit, Goat Simulator. And, yes, they’re bringing the funny again. We caught up with our July 2018 Editor of the Month to discuss wiki editing and, of course, his MORE than Satisfactory work.

Where are you from?

Rural England, so I’m always cursing my broadband speed.

What’s your day job?

I manage a charity shop, selling donated stuff to raise money for a children’s charity. I’ve come across many odd things while sorting through donations; the most impressive so far was a set of someone’s baby teeth hidden inside a cuckoo clock.

Outside of wiki editing, what are your hobbies?

I’ve just started fiddling around with analogue electronics and am hacking together a DIY modular synthesizer. I have no idea what I’m doing, but it’s great fun. I also play the guitar and occasionally have a bash at game programming before getting frustrated and abandoning whatever I’m working on.

How long have you been a gamer?

Since I got my GameBoy Pocket and Pokémon Red back in the day. Years later usable internet finally reached the village and I discovered online gaming, getting my first taste of the awesomeness that is game/modding communities.

What drew you to Satisfactory?

Like many, I played a bit of Factorio, but could never quite get into it myself. Then suddenly I stumble across this trailer seeming to be a simplified 3D Factorio, and felt as if someone had made exactly the game I had been wanting for ages. Checked out the community (which is lovely, by the way) and succumbed to the hype.

What are you looking forward to most about the game?

I’m a tinkerer, and this looks like the perfect sandbox for fiddling around with a crazy web of functional structures which you can manipulate to process resources and build stuff for you. I think I’m going to sink many hours into perfecting designs obsessively.

What do you enjoy most about wiki editing?

Personally, I love hunting down all the little scraps of info to document. Wikis make a great place to collect it all up in a useful format so that other people can benefit from my crazed frame-by-frame video searches, and add their own findings collaboratively. I’ve always been a heavy reader of wikis (especially back when I was playing a lot of Minecraft) so I know how valuable a resource they can be.

What advice do you have for aspiring wiki editors?

Don’t be afraid to start editing! Even if you aren’t too sure about the format. Especially on young wikis like ours, just getting the info on there is the most useful thing anyone can do. Someone else can come clean up the style later! Equally if you see someone’s dodgy grammar in an article, don’t be scared to fix it. The power of wikis comes from anyone being able to effortlessly add/correct content, leading to a better resource for everyone.

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