Gamepedia Editor of the Month – August 2018

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Usually, our Editor of the Month is somebody who has made a significant contribution to a specific wiki over the month. This month, we recognize an editor who has made significant contributions to multiple wikis, as well as the overall Gamepedia community. MarkusRost is a dedicated admin of the German Official Minecraft Wiki as well as the Official Wynncraft Wiki. He is a member of our Gamepedia Rapid Anti-Spam Patrol (GRASP). He is the most active moderator of the Gamepedia Twitch channel. And, as if that wasn’t enough, he also created Wiki-Bot, an automated search-by-chat bot for Discord, Slack, and Twitch. We caught up with our August 2018 Editor of the Month to discuss all things wiki.

Where are you from?

I’m from Bremen, Germany

What’s your day job?

I’m a college student.

Outside of Wiki editing, what are your hobbies?

I’m a volunteer firefighter and in a chess club.

How long have you been a gamer?

Probably for about 8 years.

What are your favorite wikis?

My favorite wikis are the German Minecraft Wiki and its Technik Wiki.

What drew you to that game?

I started playing Minecraft because everyone played it at that time. But I found a server with a nice community and stayed. It was the server from the German Wiki, which is how I got into wiki editing a few years later.

What can you tell us about WikiBot?

Wiki-Bot can easily link to any Gamepedia Wiki, he uses the API to find the best result for your search term.

I created his first version for the German Minecraft Wiki Discord. The people liked him and he spread to some other German Minecraft Discords. When the English Minecraft Wiki created their Discord I translated the bot and he joined there as well. Sometime later he got a Polish and a French translation and joined their Minecraft Wiki Discords. When admins from other wikis asked for the bot I decided to create a second non-Minecraft bot for all wikis. Wiki-Bot is currently on over 70 Discord servers.

When Gamepedia started to stream more often on Twitch, I though the `!wiki` command was way too simple. So I created WikiBot for the Twitch chat as a light version from the Discord bot.

What do you enjoy most about wiki editing?

I like adding new updates to the wiki as fast as possible so the readers can always get the information for the current version.

What advice do you have for aspiring wiki editors?

Don’t be afraid to do something wrong. If you see a mistake, fix it!

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