Automate Sci Fi Chaos in Nimbatus

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Space is the final frontier for several reasons. Primarily it’s because there are floating chunks of rock out there holding really neat space elements that would be much more useful not buried in their cores. Nimbatus, a new indie engineering sim, understands that it’s only ethical for us to extract these rare resources and use them for the ultimate benefit of our species. It’s the right thing to do.

It’s also a tough thing to do. Every planet will start with your ship in low orbit. You don’t want to send the ship down yourself because planets are full of dangers in the form of hazardous environments, hostile aliens, and more — who wants that drama? Instead, you must design a drone to make landfall and do the hard work for you. Gear it out with thrusters, drill lasers, guns, shields, and more so that it has the tools to do its job and deal with any and all interference. You can go in manually, assigning each part of your drone to a key for maximum control. If you are clever, though, you can use Nimbatus’s logic suite to fully automate your drone. That’s where the real interesting bits happen. Watching your little killer drone run out and cause its own AI mischief is both hilarious and rewarding.

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Nimbatus leaves Early Access behind and is available in full on Steam starting today! If you need more information regarding new technologies or general drone debauchery, come to our Nimbatus Wiki!