Industrialize Alien Worlds in Satisfactory

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The final frontier, Space, is full of the promise of riches and fortune to whomever has the will to find it. Unlike the other frontiers that had similar promise, one can’t just get on their horse and gallop to far off planets. Until we find some space horses, that is.

Corporations, with their fountain of resources and peerless edge in innovative technology, will be the first steps into the void of possibilities. If that goes anything like Satisfactory, the new survival sim from Coffee Stain Games (Goat Simulator), then we at least know those steps will be messy ones.

In Satisfactory, you play as agent working for FICSIT Incorporated. Your mission, chart an alien planet and oversee the development of tools to exploit its resources. Multistory workshops will be erected under your watch, complete with mazes of conveyor belts, automated vehicles, and all sorts of other technologies.

Just watch out for the aliens. You know, the indigenous creatures who would very much not like you to come and steal the building blocks of their planet. They can be ornery and dangerous. They just don’t understand the importance of your mission! Taking on the task of colonization and industrialization their home is far easier with friends, of which you can bring several along.

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Satisfactory leaves Early Access on the Epic Games Store today! If you need more information about streamlining deep space production pathways, come to the Official Satisfactory wiki!