Defeat Dragons In The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr!

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Gaming News

Elsweyr, the newest expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online, launches today! This expansion is adding the Necromancer character class, Dragons, and Elsweyr–the Khajiit homeland which has been ravaged by warfare! Also, this expansion kicks off the Season of the Dragon, which is a year-long adventure told across a chapter and three DLC game packs!

Dragons were once thought to be lost in the mists of time to the citizens of Tamriel, a creature more myth than reality, only recently returning to make their mark in the events of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. However, a group of them have beat their brethren to make a fearsome appearance in the skies of Elsweyr, the latest chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Players will discover the dark purpose behind their rampage during the year-long adventure, and will attempt to prevent the destruction of the Khajiiti homeland. Dragons are not invincible, and players will need to use the right tools and tactics to bring them to the ground where they can be killed. Those who do will be greatly rewarded!

The Necromancer adds three new Skill Lines for players to master, regardless of play-style. Grave Lord allows players to imbue the dead with frost, fire, and lighting, raising relentless hordes of undead from fallen enemies. Bone Tyrant grants players the ability to create powerful barriers and manipulate the bones of the dead to control the battlefield. Finally, Living Death lets players draw power from both life and death to heal their allies and resurrect those who fall in battle.

Elsweyr is the homeland of the Khajiit, which is a wild and untamed land filled with fertile grasslands and dangerous predators. Winding canyons hide bandits in their shadows, and wandering nomads can be found within the scorching deserts of the Scar. Rimmen, the capital city of Elsweyr, is currently occupied by Imperial mercenaries, causing local Khajiit to be both residents and captives of their own city.

The Elder Scrolls Online celebrates its 5th anniversary this year in light of a successful 2018 that saw the game gain more players than any other time within its lifespan, outside of the console launch. Now is the perfect time to jump in and play for both returning and new players alike! For more information on The Elder Scrolls Online, be sure to visit our Wiki here!