Save the Cosmos Rick and Morty Style in Trover Saves the Universe

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So if I told you that a video game existed where you needed to stop an evil intergalactic bird creature from destroying the universe, you’d probably say something like “well, that sounds like a video game, alright.”  What if I told you that this bird creature – lets call him Glorkon – has gained this universe-destroying power from the energy he’d sucking out of your dogs that he kidnapped. Oh also, he gets that power from jamming the dogs into his eye sockets. Lost yet? Well, that’s Trover Saves the Universe for you.

Things begin to make more sense once you realize that the developers, Squanch Games, was co-founded by Justin Roiland, creator of hit adult cartoon, Rick and Morty. Squanch is well known for their comedic tone in games like Accounting+ and Space Heroes, but their latest really brings that Rick and Morty energy in a way that their past works didn’t. Part of that probably comes from the fact that Trover, your purple partner in crime and main protagonist of the game, is voiced by Roiland, who is famously the man behind both Rick’s callous growls and Morty’s anxious warbling. Specifically, if you close your eyes and heard lines from both Trover and Morty, you might not be able to tell who’s who.

Trover Saves the Universe’s bizarre story sets you on an planet-hopping adventure full of platforming, combat, and puzzle-solving in order to stop Glorkon’s reign of terror. Every step of your travel through the cosmos will be met with some of the strangest comedic writing you’ll find in video games that will leave you both howling with laughter, and utterly confused by the entire proceedings. It can also be played in VR, getting up close and personal with the ridiculousness.

See more in this NSFW trailer here:

Trover Saves the Universe is out now on Steam and PS4! If you need help saving all of space from maniacal evil, come to our Trover Saves the Universe wiki!