Wiki Spotlight: Evolve

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Gaming News

From the creators of the Left 4 Dead series, Turtle Rock Studios brings a new and interesting battle to the realm of first person shooters. We’re super excited for the fresh addition to the scene and we cannot wait to show off The Evolve Wiki! The wiki has had a major overhaul, featuring tons of new data, a new news feed and even a Twitter feed. All of the latest news for Evolve is in one place — your community created wiki!

Evolve, which will be available for consoles and PC, offers players a twist on battles. Like Left 4 Dead, you can be part of a 4-man team. On the planet Shear, you are either on the team of 4 sent to take out a monster, or you are the monster fighting the humans sent to kill you, all the while dealing with terrain that works against both humans and monsters. As a human, you can be one of four hunter classes: medic, support, assault or trapper. Other classes and monster choices are available by levelling through the game! Because Turtle Rock wants players to continue playing and having fun, the name here is key. The game will evolve, leading to continuous new aspects of gameplay!

While you’re waiting for this exciting new 4v1 game to come out, don’t forget that the Evolve Wiki always has room for new players on its team! Become a contributor by adding in new content as it becomes available and editing what already exists. Have a look at the Help Wiki for ideas on how to improve your wiki syntax, add in extensions and get new ideas on how to make the Evolve Wiki the best possible community resource it can be!