Escape a Nightmarish Underground Complex in GTFO

Gaming News
Gaming News

GTFO has launched into Steam Early Access! Developed and published by 10 Chambers Collective, GTFO is a hardcore 4-person cooperative first-person shooter with a focus on team play and atmosphere and features edge-of-your-seat suspense, team-based puzzle-solving, and high-intensity combat.

Set in a massive underground complex that has become overrun with terrifying creatures with a nightmarish atmosphere so thick that you can cut it with a combat knife, you and your teammates must traverse through the dark corridors for the ultimate cooperation and communication test. As you attempt to search the complex for information and resources to help complete your objectives by gathering weapons, tools, and other assets to help you survive, you’ll also be working to unearth answers about your past and how to make it out alive.

GTFO will feature new expeditions that are released on a regular schedule which will always replace any of the old expeditions. The goal of the developers is to invent new ways of challenging players and their teammates in new and interesting ways through iteration and innovation.

Plan your expedition, work together as a team, and maybe you’ll just find a way to escape. For more information on the game, be sure to visit our official GTFO Wiki here!