Save the Oldest House in the Control: The Foundation DLC

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Gaming News

Control was a surprise hit last year. With it’s combination of satisfying gun play and an aesthetic that is vivid and unique, it became pretty hard to get the adventures of Jesse Faden and the Federal Bureau of Control out of your head. I know it was for me, as it was one of my favorite games last year. For people like us, the wait for more Control is over! It’s first DLC set, The Foundation, has finally dropped.

In the depths of The Oldest House, near the Black Rock Quarry, lies The Foundation. In it lies the key to stopping the Astral Plane from continuing it consumption of the Bureau. Helen Marshall, Head of Operations for the Bureau, most likely knows the secret behind the invasion, but can she be trusted? And what can be learned about the enigmatic Board, and its role in all of this? This 5-ish hour content expansion will feature more Control content, including new areas to explore, and new enemies to dispatch. On top of that, a number of improvements will be made to features that already exist. Reallocating skill points will now be possible, just in time to take advantage of a new ability called shield rush. On top of the, the map will be getting some tweaks to make it more readable, and some visual stability upgrades.

Check out the new trailer here:

Control: The Foundation hits PS4 and Epic Game Store today, and Xbox One in June. If you need help getting the ghosts back under control, come to our Control wiki.