Earthlock: Festival of Magic Conceptual Contest

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Earthlock: Festival of Magic is a Japanese-style RPG that pays homage to earlier generations. Join Amon, a young and ambitious adventurer who gets swept up in an ancient mystery. The world of Umbra is a peculiar mix of technology and magic, and it mysteriously stopped revolving almost one-thousand years ago. To celebrate our Official Earthlock: Festival of Magic Wiki, Gamepedia and the developers at Snowcastle Games are offering two amazing prizes with two separate contests.

The first contest is enter-to-win, so all you have to do is enter some simple information, and click the “Enter Now” button. The winner will be randomly drawn at the end of the contest (April 12th) and be put into contact with Earthlock’s artists and developers to create a unique in-game object!

The second contest is available for entry by submission, all you have to do is fill out the attached form and submit your idea. This contest asks you to come up with a unique idea for a monster in-game, and will be judged by Earthlock’s artists and developers for originality and pertinence to story. We would also like to welcome drawings as a form of submission, they can be emailed to for review!

We look forward to some amazing monster submissions! For more information on Earthlock: Festival of Magic, visit our Official Earthlock Wiki, and to keep up with all of our contests be sure to follow us on twitter @CurseGamepedia, and like us on Facebook! As always, we welcome those looking to contribute to the growth of any wiki. For anyone interested in joining in, the Help Wiki is a great place to learn how to get started. Gamepedia staff and fellow community members are also available in IRC – /join #Gamepedia and come say hello! And remember, it’s dangerous to go alone… be prepared with Gamepedia!