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We’re pleased to partner with Snow Arc Studios for the Official Frozen State Wiki at Gamepedia! Frozen State, which takes place in the dying Siberian town of Duga 40, where the inhabitants have been ravished by an alien parasite, which has killed off most of the population, leaving the remaining survivors as gruesome mutants. Frozen State has recently become Greenlit on Steam, where you can follow along the development of the game, which is currently in early Alpha.

Snow Arc Studios is currently working on creating the art assets to Frozen State’s bestiary, as well as coming up with a combination of static and random spawn points in game. This combination allows for certain elements of the procedurally generated world to remain a constant, such as certain buildings, but allow for unlimited spawn randomness that will keep replayability interesting for players! Frozen State offers the ability to play as one of three main characters, all who have their own personalities, basic needs (hunger, thirst, sleep), dynamic weather and temperatures, and a prolific story set in a post-apocalyptic world.

While Frozen State’s development unfolds, know that it is never too early to become a contributor to the Official Frozen State Wiki! Whether you find a sentence that is missing some punctuation or you are interested in helping translate pages, no amount of contribution is too small. Take a look at the Help Wiki to learn more about contributing.