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The Forest, available now through Steam Early Access in its alpha build, is a first person horror survival action adventure game developed by Endnight Games. We’ve recently partnered with Endnight to bring The Forest Official Wiki to Gamepedia! The Forest begins with a plane crash, where you are the only survivor. While day time is relatively safe, where you can work on basic needs like building a shelter and gathering food, night time is where you need to push your survival skills past their limits and discover all of the horrors that await you in The Forest!

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The kind of enemies you’ll face in The Forest are a clan of mutants who have their own culture, personalities and traits. To survive them, crafting crude weapons and clothing from found materials, as well as building shelter is necessary. Endnight has an ambitious roadmap for The Forest, posted to their Steam page, which includes improved AI, adding additional fauna to create a truly living world, game modes including a no enemies mode, a co-op multiplayer mode without making the game a massively multiplayer game, expanding hunting, trapping and fishing, and so much more! The Forest is built in Unity 4 for Windows, along with Oculus Rift support, by a small, dedicated team with a VFX background.

Now that you’re playing The Forest Early Access to participate directly with the game’s development and see more information becoming available, share information you’ve gained as a contributor to The Forest Official Wiki! Want to contribute, but aren’t sure how? Take a look at the Help Wiki for ideas! The new Help Wiki Highlights series is a great place to start, for tips on adding pages, editing pages, creating guides and so much more.