WildStar Officially Launches!

Gaming News
Gaming News

Run for the hills, there be Chuas everywhere! Today, Carbine’s already successful MMO, WildStar officially launches. Anyone who pre-ordered the game has already been enjoying cruising around in space on Arkships and exploring the alien planet Nexus since Saturday, and we prepared them with our WildStar Wiki Walkthrough. The information in that article is still very relevant, and now anyone buying into WildStar’s launch should have a read to learn about the treasure troves of information awaiting you at the WildStar Wiki!

If that’s not enough information and discussion for you, our sister site, WildStar Forums, offers news, add-on spotlights and forums for discussing how you plan to decorate your rocket ship! Subscribe to our YouTube channel for awesome WildStar videos you won’t find anywhere else. CurseForge is not only the largest gaming add-on network out there, but also the official one for WildStar! Customize your game, as well as your house. Want to contribute the the WildStar Wiki? Take a look at the Help Wiki to learn what all you can do.

See you in Nexus!