Gamepedia Is Heading to E3!

Gaming News
Gaming News

Next week is E3 2014 and we’re ridiculously excited to be attending! We have so many awesome things lined up and a couple of exclusive announcements to look forward to. We can’t wait to share it all with our community! It’s not just another booth that we’re bringing to E3, but rather, a full service area perfect for meetups and non-stop fun! Come hang out in our lounge, watch presentations on the stage and enjoy titles we’re showcasing at our gaming stations. Because we are passionate about gaming wikis, you can bet that we do have an E3 Wiki up and running, ready for information to be added the moment it’s out!

If you’re attending E3, swing by the Curse booth and check out the following titles we’ll have available for play: H1Z1, Goat Simulator, Landmark and WildStar. If you’ve been curious about how charming Mondo Zax is in game, dying to try for the evil goat, wanting to see how high you can build your grand monument or need to see how well you can survive, we have the games you want to play! You’ll also be able to try out Curse Voice first hand with the very people who have created it. When you need a break, hang out with your pals in the lounge, talk to Gamepedia staff about your favorite wikis and check in on the E3 Wiki to see what news you missed because you were busy having a good time.

Another great place to read up on E3 news, as its happening, is the Gamepedia front page! We’ll be working around the clock June 10-12 to make sure everything news worthy gets posted so you won’t have to worry about missing a thing. We hope to see you there — come say hi!