4 Unsettling Things We Noticed In the ‘Voltron’ Season 4 Trailer

Chrissie Miille
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The fourth season of Voltron: Legendary Defender is set to release on October 13, and judging by the new trailer, it can’t get here soon enough.

At first glance, the trailer seems like an inspiring, intergalactic call-to-arms campaign. But it’s not all parades and “razzle-dazzle time.” There’s so much going on, it’s easy to miss some of the finer details, some of which can be quite unsettling.

Will the Real Shiro Please Stand Up?

Shiro blending in

Diehard Voltron fans may have learned something disturbing after the Season 3 episode, “The Journey.” The Galra scientists repeatedly use the phrase, “Operation Kurōn” in relation to Shiro. When translated from Japanese, “Kurōn” means “clone.” Let that sink in.

There’s no doubt that something was off about Shiro in Season 3. Everything from his behavior down to his hair and clothes didn’t seem quite right. But the latest trailer features him back in his leadership position complete with a rallying speech. If this Shiro is a clone, he seems to be blending in way too easily. I wouldn’t trust him just yet. (It also begs the question: will we see the other Shiro in Season 4?)

Without the Black Paladin Again

Team Voltron minus Black Lion

Another thing to notice is that Keith is noticeably absent from group shots in the trailer. Based on how tensions were rising at the end of Season 3, it seems Keith might cause a rift in Team Voltron. Why? Is he going after Lotor on his own, or perhaps looking for the real Shiro? Not to mention, the Black Lion is also missing from some group lion shots in the trailer. If Keith takes the Black Lion with him, that means the team can’t form Voltron. As Hunk would ask, “Panic now?”

Just What Is Lotor Up To?

Lotor in season 4

Even after all of Season 3, it’s still hard to tell what Prince Lotor has up his sleeve. At the end of Episode 7, Pidge said that his plan was to “cross into other universes and get the purest quintessence possible.” But that still doesn’t seem right. And even if it is, what does he need it for? Is he trying to make his own Voltron? (Between him and his generals, he does have a team of five…)

On top of that, some of Lotor’s Season 3 shots and lines are reused in the new trailer, such as “We have them right where we want them” and “Fire now!” This suggests an added emphasis on keeping his plan under wraps, one that gives it an extra eerie feeling. Whatever our theories may be, something tells me none of us will expect the actual outcome.

Pidge’s Search Continues

Pidge on a mission

Almost a footnote in the grand scheme of things, there’s a moment in the new trailer where Pidge takes on a Galra soldier. We’ve seen her fight before, but her angry look implies a personal mission. Is she fighting to find her father and brother? Or is she fighting to avenge them? Hopefully they’re reunited this season.

There’s a lot at stake for our characters. Yet Voltron is not a show with a guaranteed happy ending, especially this season. We can only hope that some of this uneasiness is resolved.

Chrissie Miille
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