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Gaming News

Featuring a AAA all-star development team, Project Phoenix will have its official wiki hosted at Gamepedia! Project Phoenix has just over two weeks left for its Kickstarter campaign. This game is a combination of squad-based RTS and JRPG, available for Windows, Linux and Mac, with plans to port to iOS and Android mobile platforms. It is currently single player, but there are ideas for both multiplayer and co-op. Project Phoenix has reached its funding goal, but you can help support stretch goals by becoming a backer!

Project Phoenix has three areas of gameplay: Exploration, Character Development and Combat. Exploration includes traveling to different stunning locations where you can explore diverse areas and experience different cultures. Character Development allows for experience, gear and more for each member of your squad. There will also be collectible members to pick up in the game, to have a more customized experience. Combat includes two different modes, story battles and random battles. While story battles take place in areas which progress the story, random battles happen dynamically, sometimes through story progression, but mostly through exploration.

Starting at one dollar, you can become a backer for Project Phoenix! $20 will get you a digital download and closed beta access. Want access to special developer forums? The Developer tier has just that! Not only do you get to give your direct input straight to the game’s developers, but a physical Collector’s Edition signed by the development team comes with the Developer tier.

After you’ve backed Project Phoenix on Kickstarter, check out the official wiki and become a contributor! Not sure how to help out? The Official Project Phoenix Wiki has its own help page and Gamepedia now has a dedicated Help Wiki! In addition, you may interact with Gamepedia staff and community members in the IRC channels.