5 Actresses Who Should Play Supergirl in the New Movie

Lauren Gallaway
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Warner Bros. announced this week that another DC Comics hero was coming to the big screen — the Girl of Steel herself, Supergirl/Kara Danvers — will be suiting up on the big screen soon.

Casting is always a big discussion among fans. Should Warner Bros. cast some who looks, sounds, and feels exactly like the comic book character? Should Warner Bros. go in a different direction and cast someone who looks different but embodies the qualities of Supergirl?

Here’s our list of five women who could bring Supergirl to life in the DC Extended Universe.

Haley Lu Richardson

Richardson was featured in 'Split'.

Richardson’s young charm would be a perfect match for Kara Danvers. The 23-year-old actress has had a varied career — from horror thriller Split to comic-of-age comedy The Edge of Seventeen. Richardson could easily play an Americanized Kara Danvers who, after remaining in the shadows while Clark was in the sun, could reveal herself in her own film, now that Superman was resurrected in Justice League.

Ally Maki

Maki has been acting since she was 14.

Ally Maki is definitely one to watch. While she was a regular on the TBS comedy Wrecked, she most recently joined the cast of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger. She plays Mina Hess on Cloak & Dagger, the daughter of a Roxxon Oil scientist. She plays a scientist in her own right, who has followed in the footsteps of her father. Maki is a bright, funny, up-and-coming young actress and could portray the girl of steel with wit and class.

Jessica Rothe

happy death day tree jessica rothe
Tree (Jessica Rothe) is a fairly smart character that's stuck in a mediocre mystery.

Fans will recognize Jessica as one of Emma Stone’s dancing roommates in La La Land, and the lead in the school slasher flick Happy Death Day. She can handle drama, comedy, and action — jumping, punching, and escaping a killer. She’s also got that all-American look that would fit into more classic interpretations of Supergirl.

Amandla Stenberg

Stenberg plays Ruby, a young girl in 'The Darkest Minds'.

Amandla Stenberg has been the breakout star of the summer. Her performance in The Darkest Minds showcased her ability to play a young woman who learns to embrace the powers she has been given. Since Supergirl is also a young woman with powers, Amandla could easily take her Darkest Minds experiences into the DC Extended Universe.

Melissa Benoist

Supergirl Kara S3
Benoist has played Kara Danvers on The CW for three seasons.

Melissa Benoist is the most obvious choice for Warner Bros. because she already plays Supergirl on TV. While WB has yet to merge their television and film universes, they could start with Supergirl. The CW has already established that Supergirl takes place on Earth-38, which means it’s not happening on Earth-1 with The Flash, Arrow, or Legends of Tomorrow.

The Supergirl movie is currently in development.

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