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Witches and warlocks are one of anime’s most fascinating fantasy characters. Their craft and the stories they spin captivate audiences of all ages. Throughout time, our obsession with witches has spawned many interpretations about enchanters ranging from the cackling old crone flying on a broomstick across the night sky to those who use critters and herbs to make magical concoctions in cauldrons. So, here are five anime about witches.

Izetta, The Last Witch

best anime about witches Izetta, The Last Witch

If you’re interested in watching a more mature version of a witch fable, then check out Izetta, the Last Witch. It’s 1939, and the rumblings of a great war are on the horizon. The tiny country of Eylstadt fights against the invading forces of the Germanian Empire. However, their armies are no match against such mighty military power. Still, Eylstadt’s princess, Ortfiné must protect her country, rushing to find new allies all over Europe. During one of her trips, she stumbles onto a mysterious coffin harboring a red-haired girl, Izetta, who could be Eylstadt’s only hope of surviving this war.

Tactical wizardry, plot twists, and magical fighting skills are a satisfying mix with the magical genre. The war imagery is well executed, especially when it comes to war propaganda, and the way these elements combine with magic is something that few anime shows have done. Also, the series’ interpretation of how magic works is quite unique, which allows the main character, Izetta, to think more strategically with her magic source instead of using it without end. The series is full action, mystery, and of course, military drama which gives a unique take on the usual witches tale.

Witch Hunter Robin

best anime about witches Witch Hunter Robin

In the world of Witch Hunter Robin, witches are a common phenomenon. However, they’re not like the ones in fairy tales. These sorceresses are born with superhuman genetic abilities, like telekinesis and mind control. And as such, they can use their powers to commit unspeakable crimes. To fight these criminals, the government forms the STN-J,  a witch hunter organization that captures and studies these witches. Robin Sena, a 15-year-old witch, arrives in Japan from Italy to replace a hunter who was recently killed. But, is Robin ready to learn the truth about witches and herself?

Anime about witches can range from cutesy spells to deadly encounters, and Witch Hunter Robin falls into the mature category. Each episode features Robin and her colleagues taking on a different witch ranging from those that can mummify people to those who can control electricity.

The interactions with these criminal witches help develop the main characters further and the adult nature of the plot helps create a bleak supernatural atmosphere that comes to life with the visuals. The anime also deals with the moral responsibility of a witch’s powers, especially those who have lost their way because of their abilities. As a result, Witch Hunter Robin becomes a dark (but in a good way) modern take on witches and witchcraft.

Little Witch Academia

best anime about witches Little Witch Academia

A list about anime witches wouldn’t be complete without Netflix’s Little Witch Academia. The series follows Atsuko Kagari, an enthusiastic young girl who, ever since watching a magic show, wants to become a witch. To achieve her dreams, Atsuko enrolls in the prestigious magical school, Luna Nova Magical Academy. But, since she’s a first-generation witch, her magical abilities are not as developed as her classmates. Even so, with the help of her new friends and perseverance, Atsuko strives to one day become like her idol, Shiny Chariot.

Little Witch Academia’s wonder of magic comes to life partly because of its beautiful graphics, but mostly from its main character, Atsuko. Due to her background, Atsuko doesn’t have much control of her magical abilities, especially when it comes to flying brooms, a witch’s favorite mode of transportation. Even so, throughout the series, the young witch slowly evolves and improves her sorcery skills.

Many fans have called the show the Harry Potter of anime, so if you liked the stories of Hogwarts, you’d definitely enjoy Little Witch Academia. Atsuko’s determination, the series’ heartwarming scenes, and the magical world Luna Nova Magical Academy are quite similar to the adventures of Harry Potter.

The Familiar of Zero

best anime about witches The Familiar of Zero

The Familiar of Zero combines fantasy and comedy elements and putting them in a magical fantasy world. Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière is a mage of noble blood who goes to Tristain Academy of Magic, a prestigious school for magicians. However, Louise is terrible at magic, with each spell resulting in violent explosions, earning her the nickname “Louise the Zero.”

Despite this, Louise and her classmates must perform a special ritual to summon their familiar, a spiritual partner, which is usually some kind of magical creature. But instead, the bumbling witch summons Hiraga Saito, a teenage boy. Now, Saito must be her servant and clean up after Louise. The Familiar of Zero follows the adventures of Louise and Saito as they help their classmates and friends while occasionally messing things up even further.

The anime has a bit of romance and tons of magic and the volatile relationship between Saito and Louise is a lot of fun to watch. Louise’s tsundere personality combined with Saito’s sarcasm and lack of interest make for passionate clashes that will make you laugh.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

best anime about witches Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Ryu Yamada wanted a new start when he enrolled in Suzaku High School. Gone were the days of fighting, skipping class, and bad grades. Unfortunately, this doesn’t last long, as he’s soon back to his rebellious ways. One day, after leaving yet another office visit, Yamada slips on the stairs and falls on Urara Shiraishi, a beautiful honor student, which leads to them switching bodies.

It turns out that Shiraishi is one of Suzaku High’s seven witches and Yamada has a power similar to theirs. Together they and student council president Toranosuke Miyamura reopen the Supernatural Studies Club. The members discover the legend of the Seven Witches of Suzaku High, seven female students who have magical abilities activated by a kiss. The Supernatural Studies Club will go on a journey to find the identities of all the witches.

Magical powers don’t only come from potions, but also by kissing, and that’s one of the key reasons to check out Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches. Yamada’s mimicking abilities creates countless hilarious and comedic moments, many of which are based on Yamada’s blowups with other characters. With the majority of times leading to Yamada getting completely and utterly crushed. The anime an incredibly amusing romantic comedy about witches and is a twist on the harem genre.

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