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Season 5 of Voltron: Legendary Defender was jam-packed from the start. We saw the fall of Zarkon and the rise of Lotor, and Allura discovered the secrets of Altean alchemy. As quick as the season was, we got plenty of answers to previous questions. However, there’s still so much more we want to know. Here are five things season six of Voltron: Legendary Defender should focus on.

A Look Into Keith’s Past

Krolia - Keith's mom

In one of the most shocking cliffhangers of the season, Keith found out that Krolia, a Galra spy he had to rescue from Warlord Ranveig’s base, is his mother. Years ago, she left him on Earth with his dad and her Blade of Marmora knife, which served as his only tie to his heritage.

Now that Keith has found Krolia in the midst of a war, he’s bound to have a ton of questions. Why did she leave him on Earth, and why was she there in the first place? Was she on a Galra Empire mission to find the Blue Lion, or was she on a Blade of Marmora mission to protect it? Why did she leave her knife? No doubt, Keith will want to learn more about his past, but will her answers make him regret finding her?

Super Weapon on the Loose

Ranveig with quintessence

Speaking of Krolia, the base she served at housed a highly sought-after, yet deadly, superweapon. We only see a glimpse of it right before it attacks Commander Trugg and her crew, but it’s alive, quick, and has a lot of teeth. Ranveig created it after experimenting with an unexpected shipment of purple quintessence. Keith and Krolia may have left it at the base, but considering how powerful it is, and how many Galran commanders are fighting for it, will we ever see it again? Will someone else try to control it, and will Team Voltron have to face it? Also, will we learn more about purple quintessence?

Defender of Earth?

Sam returning to Earth

Thankfully, we no longer have to wonder about Sam Holt’s whereabouts. Pidge and Matt rescued him, and now he’s heading back to Earth to tell the Galaxy Garrison that “there’s a war coming.” He wants them to prepare for the impending battles, but he fears they won’t have enough time or resources.

Whatever happens, Sam’s travels may be foreshadowing Team Voltron’s return to Earth. But will it be to defend it or to return as galactic heroes? If a Galra enemy finds out that most of the team is from Earth, they could use the planet as a bargaining chip. If that’s the case, Team Voltron will need all the help they can get. Maybe we’ll even get to see Sam planning with the Garrison.

Sendak’s Back

Sendak wants the throne

One of season 5’s biggest surprises was Sendak’s return. After Shiro ejected him into space in a tube back in season 1, many assumed he’d died. But Haggar and her generals found him again and tried to make him the new emperor, but to no avail. When Lotor became the new emperor, Sendak snuck away, killed Quartermaster Janka, and absorbed his fleet.

So, with Sendak now having his own command again, what’s next for him? It’s doubtful he’ll pair back up with Haggar, as she used him as a puppet. Most likely he’ll try to challenge Lotor for the throne. After all, Zarkon did train him, making him a trusted, powerful candidate. And besides Haggar, he’ll most likely be the next major threat for Team Voltron. In season 1, Sendak did tell Shiro that it might be worthwhile to visit Earth to see if others humans have his spirit. Perhaps he’ll be the one that brings the war to Earth.

Patience Yields Focus … or Misdirection?

Can we trust Lotor with this face?

Lotor did a lot to prove himself in season 5. He killed his father, gave Team Voltron valuable intel against the Galra, and helped Allura become a master alchemist. Right now, he seems pretty trustworthy, a great trait for a new emperor to have as it makes him a powerful ally. But can the team still trust him?

Everything Lotor said about wanting to bring peace to the empire may still ring true. But as his past shows, he’s clever, calculating, and most importantly, patient. He was willing to wait for as long as it took for the team to trust his intel. He thinks his plans through and doesn’t rush into them because. He’s a big picture kind of guy. But is his picture one of peace, or something we could never guess? Is he simply doing what he must to manipulate and take advantage of Team Voltron’s help?

We don’t have to wait long to find out the answers to these questions. With season 6 set to air on June 15th, it’s just a matter of being patient.

Chrissie Miille
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