5 Things We Can’t Wait to See in ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 3

Lucas DeRuyter

The second season of the smash hit anime My Hero Academia has reached its conclusion. The season built upon the fun world and creative powers presented in the first season and cemented My Hero Academia as one of the best anime in production.

Season 2 of the anime show had some fantastic story arcs, heartwarming character moments, and moved at a pace that kept the show exciting and interesting. This made the series a treat for anime fans who have mixed feelings about the almost-too-similar shōnen anime, Black Clover.

My Hero Academia‘s great female characters, departure from traditional story pacing, and stunning voice acting and direction will hopefully make up for the middling content of the Fall 2017 anime season. With Season 3 confirmed to return in April 2018, here are the five things we’re most looking forward to seeing based on the original manga.

Warning, light spoilers incoming.

Field Trip

Things get pretty wild.

Considering what happens in the manga, season three is more than likely going to open with Class 1-A going to summer camp. But because this is a summer camp for heroes in training, instead of bonding with nature and making friendship bracelets, the students undergo grueling physical and mental training to grow stronger and hone the quirks that give them superhuman abilities.

Things quickly get kicked up a few notches when a group of villains looking to prove themselves attacks the campsite. What was formally a harsh but rewarding learning experience quickly turns into a fierce battle for survival. Every student will have to use every ounce of their strength, determination, and wits to make it through this trial.

Background on All For One and Shigaraki

Dark times ahead.

Every protagonist needs a good antagonist. So far, the villains of MHA have had some pretty clear goals, but fans have yet to discover what exactly motivates these characters to commit such evil actions. Season three may shed some light on this and give fans a better sense of these characters, while not totally giving away some of its biggest mysteries.

Fans could finally have the chance to see the dreadful All For One interact with his arch-nemesis All Might. Why the world’s greatest villain is so eager to move into a mentor role may become a key focus of this character’s appearance. It’s also more than likely that the show will finally hint at why Shigaraki possesses such a strong desire to destroy the world around him.

High Stakes Showdowns

Even better battles.

The fights in My Hero Academia are usually entertaining to watch and differ wildly depending on the characters involved. The battle between Midoriya and Todoroki in season two was an incredible sight to behold, and one of the best fights in recent animation. However, compared to other shonen anime, the conflicts in MHA can be pretty low stakes. Characters fight as often for a good grade as they do for their survival.

Season three could see some upcoming fights that are going to be major struggles for the main characters to protect themselves and loved ones. These fights may also go a long way into expanding the scope of the show and make it less focused on the hero version of high school.

Other Schools and Other Students

my hero academia

My Hero Academia revolved around Midoriya in the first season, and the second season mostly centered on every event around Midoriya’s class, 1-A. For Season 3, fans could see the scope of the show expanding, showcasing students from other classes and other schools.

This will be a big boon to the show as one of MHA’s best features has always been its interesting character designs and creative superpowers. The addition of more characters, even in limited roles, could help prevent the show from getting stale. My Hero Academia takes place in a fascinating world, so the more fans can see that world the better.

More Critiques of Heroes

my hero academia group
They're going to grow so much.

Season three of MHA is not going to get to a Watchmenlevel of deconstructing and examining the implications of a functional superhero society, but, it might touch on these themes. This critical eye will force some of the characters to confront and reevaluate a lot of their beliefs.

Characters may find themselves asking: “Is what I’m doing really the right thing or have I just been told that this is okay?”, “Is it alright for me to be successful if it means someone else fails?”, and “Is it okay for me to break the rules that benefit society if it helps someone in peril?” These questions don’t have simple answers and characters struggling with them aren’t really going to reach a simple conclusion. However, watching these lovable characters mature and grow as they try to find their own answers is sure to be a treat to watch.

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