5 Things We Want to See on Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV Series

Lisa Granshaw
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Ever since Amazon announced it was developing a Lord of the Rings TV series, there’s been a lot of speculation about what exactly it could be about. Unconfirmed reports state the series could feature a young Aragorn, offering a look at a familiar character with a history yet to be brought to life on screen. It’s possible the entire series may be about Aragorn or, as some rumors suggest, he might just be in one season out of a rumored five planned.

Frankly, the idea of having one season about one character before changing the focus is quite appealing. If Amazon decides to do this, there are many fascinating characters and events in Middle-earth they can explore. J.R.R. Tolkien’s world has a rich mythology so there’s no need to stick with characters we’re already fairly familiar with or a point in history that we’ve already seen. After a potential season about Aragorn, the options Amazon can choose are endless.

Here are five characters and settings we think would be perfect for the new Lord of the Rings TV series.

Beren and Lúthien

Beren and Lúthien appear or are mentioned in numerous Tolkien works including The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings. Lúthien was an elf and daughter of the King of Doriath while Beren was a man. They met during the First Age and fell in love. Lúthien’s father would only allow them to be together if they retrieved a jewel called a Silmaril from the evil Morgoth’s crown. After the couple’s adventures, Lúthien decided to become a mortal, so that she could live and die with Beren.

Beren and Lúthien are central to the history of Middle-earth. They have many descendants and their love story powerfully parallels that of Aragorn and Arwen. Their love is a compelling story full of romance and adventure. Not only is it significant to the world Tolkien created, but their story is a personal favorite of the author. Tolkien saw himself and his wife as these characters. With so many important connections, it would be great to finally see this story given time to shine in this live-action series.


Haleth is potentially a less familiar name to fans and refers to more than one character, but the one we’re discussing here is the woman who appears in The Silmarillion. Haleth was the daughter of the leader of Haladin, one of the three houses of men, and lived during the First Age. She took on the mantle of leader when her father and twin brother were killed, leading the Haladin on a difficult journey as they looked for a safe place to settle. Eventually they found what they were looking for and Haleth remained their leader until her death.

Focusing on Haleth would finally put more of a spotlight on the women in Middle-earth, especially on screen. She was a brave leader and saw her people through hard times, including dealing with orcs. Exploring her life could expand on the little we know about her deeds and this time in Middle-earth history.


Khazad-dûm is long fallen and referred to as Moria by the time we see it in The Lord of the Rings. But it was once a great kingdom and home to Durin and his people. A season about Moria could explore its history over time, showing us its founding, the growth of Dwarrowdelf, and its eventual deadly encounter with the fiery Balrog. It can also go another route and concentrate on the expedition led by Balin later on to reclaim the old dwarf dwelling. This would let viewers connect with some familiar dwarves from The Hobbit such as Balin, along with Ori and Óin who went with him.

When Gimli, Gandalf, and the fellowship arrived at Moria during Fellowship of the Ring, it’s clear that Gimli is holding out hope to find the lost expedition. Unfortunately, the orcs had killed them all, including Balin. If the series followed Balin’s quest it would be wonderful to see those characters given the chance to have their final tale told at last.

The First War Against Sauron

We know quite a bit about the first time Middle-earth came together to defeat Sauron in the Second Age, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great setting for a new show. Just think about all the details we don’t know about when it comes to the different races joining forces. A season set here can focus on numerous characters of various races and allow an interesting look at what they were going through and what they thought of everything at the time.

It can also be about recognizable characters we’ve seen before, but can go more in-depth about their activities and their relationships. A season about a younger Elrond during the war could be extremely fascinating for example, and offer a new look at what we already know about him and those events.


Galadriel is a fascinating character and appears in books beyond The Lord of the Rings. She rules Lothlórien with her husband Celeborn and is one of the wielders of a ring of power. She’s seen so much of Middle-earth and been through so many important events that the show can explore in more depth. It could focus on her life before she met Celeborn and end with their meeting, or it could include meeting him and look at their time leading up to their arrival in Lothlórien. Considering Galadriel’s powerful presence in Middle-earth, she’d be a perfect character to feature in a series. This would also shine a prominent spotlight on a female character in Tolkien’s world.

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