5 ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ Tips to Foster Teamwork

Brian Jerusalem

Teamwork plays a large role in Counter-Strike, whether it be professional play or the lowest ranked matchmaking game.  It can be the difference in winning and losing and we’re looking to give new and old players five Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tips to foster teamwork in their everyday game-play.

Method 1: Listen to your teammates

The first and simplest way to be a good teammate is to listen to what your teammates have to say. Cooperate and plan your gameplay accordingly. It seems like a rudimentary skill, however, many players aren’t interested in cooperating at all. Listen to what they have to say, they may provide crucial information. They also may have a good idea as to how to exploit the enemy team’s offence or defense. This simple rule of thumb can be the difference in winning and losing very important rounds.

Method 2: Make Call-Outs and be Strategic

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tips Strategize
Should we go A or B?

Another simple method that also seems to be ignored often in competitive matchmaking is calling out to your teammates. Let your friends know where the enemies are after you’ve been killed by them. Come up with plays that’ll give your team an advantage and put the enemy at a disadvantage. Strategize and work together. Hypothetically, let’s say you and a teammate are in a two versus one situation. Your enemy has the bomb, you’re A and your teammate is B. You see the enemy so, in reality, you should tell your teammate so he can come help defend the bomb site. Some players won’t make that call. Knowing when to call your teammates over is a matter of experience. The more you play the more you’ll be able to assess the given situation.

Method 3: Coordinate Grenade Usage

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tips Grenade Usage

This method requires a bit more technical skill and game knowledge. When used proficiently you and your teammates can make sweet plays and pull together crucial rounds. Essentially you should coordinate grenade usage with teammates. I don’t simply mean to stack your smokes properly. Use flash bangs to give your teammates openings into dangerous territory. A well-placed flash can set your teammate up for three, four, or sometimes even 5 kills. Another good example is grenade stacking a place that you know the enemy goes often with the rest of your team. Using five HE grenades compared to one gives you a much higher chance of injuring and possibly killing your enemies.

Method 4: Use Boosts to Your Advantage

This method also requires a little more map and game knowledge. It requires another good teammate and a bit of practice, but anyone can pull it off. Boosting to gain more ground or to get better angles and positioning is a great example of teamwork. The dreaded run boost can also be a very effective strategy on Eco-rounds and sometimes even buy rounds. Many examples of boosting in pro game-play can be found online (like the image above).

Method 5: Be a Good Teammate

This method is by far the most important of them all and I often see people doing the exact opposite. Keep in mind your teammates are on your team. Build them up, don’t tear them down. Give them confidence rather than telling them how awful you think they are. Even if they are bad, is saying that going to solve the problem? We all have bad days so put yourself in their shoes. Understand they’re having a hard enough time without you talking smack. You’ll find yourself winning more games if you give your teammates advice and positive reinforcement.

These Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tips should go a long way in spicing up your team-play. They’ll ultimately improve your game as a whole. Esports and CS:GO have come so far in the past few years and they’re bringing the world together, on a whole new level. People from all across the globe are travelling to see live tournaments and LANs. One of the main reasons they go is to see the incredible feats of team play live and in person. With extensive practice, everyone can cooperate just as well as the professionals we see today.

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