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Zuleika Boekhoudt
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Anime is a vast medium that features a lot of themes and genres. The result is award-worthy shows that elevate the world’s perception of anime to an unbelievably high stature. However, there are some series that take the path of the weird and bizarre. From explicit scenes to nefarious plots, here are five of the weirdest anime to watch that make you ask yourself: WTF did I just watch?

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Joseph Joestar shocked.

First released as a manga in 1993, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure follows several generations of the Joestar Family, who all go on a bizarre adventure fighting against supernatural creatures.

It wasn’t until 2012 that the popular manga series officially received a TV adaptation. The anime quickly became a fan favorite due to its flamboyant masculine heroes and rock star-inspired villains. However, it’s the outrageous fighting scenes, ever-changing storylines, and hilarious outro (To Be Continued) that have earned JoJo the title of weird.


Keijo!!!!!!!! battling butt
Battle of the buttocks.

To get straight to the point, Keijo is a weird anime about female sumo wrestlers who fight against each other with their bosom and buttocks. The only rule in Keijo is that players have to knock out the other into the water and the last one standing wins. But, they are only allowed to use their breast and derriere against each other. Oh, and the characters even name their moves. Isn’t that weird?


Paprika jumping in TV
Paprika jumping in TV.

The late, great Satoshi Kon — sometimes credited as Yoshihiro Wanibuchi — had a unique style and vision that was unlike any other. One of his projects that showed off his distinct approach is the anime movie Paprika, whose weird and complex storyline and animation style made a huge impact in the anime industry.

Satoshi Kon’s work even inspired Hollywood. The 2010 Christopher Nolan blockbuster Inception had many similarities to Paprika, from the characters using a dream machine to a significant portion of the film taking place inside dreams.

If you like Satoshi Kon’s weird and intriguing style, you should also check out the director’s 2008 psychological thriller series, Paranoia Agent and his 1997 anime film, Perfect Blue.

Serial Experiments Lain

Lain sitting in front of computer

Released in the late ’90s, Serial Experiments Lain follows the 14-year-old Lain as she explores the online world known as “The Wired.”

In the beginning, the plot seems straightforward, but things get complicated and crazy quite fast. From scientific theories, religious ideologies, and a creepy soundtrack, the anime jumbles everything together. In the end, you’ll ask yourself WTF did I just watch? But, ultimately, it will leave a lasting impression, but hopefully, a positive one.

School Days

School Days girl laughing

School Days is infamous within the anime community. A high school romance quickly turns bizarre when a boy takes the affection of two girls to the extreme. After the first few episodes, the series is plagued with WTF scenes, which feature promiscuity and over-the-top violence. From the beginning to its controversial ending, School Days will make you question everything. But, if weird anime is your cup of tea, then this series is a must-see.

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