5 Weirdest Marvel Characters

Amulya sai Inturi
Comics Marvel
Comics Marvel

The Marvel Universe boasts thousands of fictional characters. While most of these characters are widely popular for their superpowers, some are popular for the bizarre features they possess.  These are characters that sadly might never make it to the big screen. Let’s take a look at five of the weirdest Marvel characters.

Phone Ranger

weird marvel phone ranger

Nope, we haven’t spelled it wrong. He is the Phone Ranger, the human phone. His origin story takes place during the time of landlines. Alexander Graham Bell (seriously?) is a telephone repairman in NYC who once received signals from a spaceship. He tries to replicate the technology from those signals and prepares a suit of his own to connect with any telecommunication systems. The Phone Ranger couldn’t gain much popularity since the character didn’t seem realistic and his true powers were never revealed.


weird marvel frogman

If we can have Ant-Man and Spider-Man, why can’t we have Frog-Man? However, Frog-Man kind of turned into a comedic character. Frog-Man has no superpowers but wears a frog suit that contains electrical coils on the soles of its flippers which allows him to leap great distances. The power source is worn on his back like a backpack. Additionally, the suit has an internal padding which enables Frog-Man to bounce off objects with little danger. His powers are weird and so is his origin story; Eugene Patilio is the son of Vincent Patilio (Leap-Frog). He donned his dad’s costume to become a crime-fighter who captures villains by dumb luck!

Ruby Thursday

weirdest marvel ruby thursday

Ruby Thursday: superhero with the body of a supermodel. Her head is composed of malleable plastic which looks like a red globe. This red globe can alter its shape so she can form tentacles and fire projectiles and energy blasts. Ruby can still control her body even if the sphere is removed. Ruby was a scientist, a presidential candidate, a murderer, and (sort of) the name of a Rolling Stones song! Couldn’t be any weirder.


Remember Slimer from Ghostbusters? Doop looks like a twin brother of his. He is one of the most mysterious characters in the Marvel universe. Doop possesses many superpowers like bending time and space, flight, and regeneration. Also, Doop has a mole on his forehead that can draw anyone into a strange alternate reality called “the Doopverse.” Apparently, Doop once swallowed Mjolnir and produced multiple copies of it from his mouth!


Dogs are known to be clever animals. A super-mutated dog with an antenna on the head? Even better! Lockjaw is basically a bulldog with an antenna which possesses super-canine strength. Moreover, Lockjaw imparts telepathic abilities and helps find infinity gems. Lockjaw also led the Pet Avengers and teamed-up with Throg (Thor turned into a frog!).

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