Two Player Cooperative Mode Comes to The Forest

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The Forest - Co-Op Mode

Fear not, you’ll no longer have to traverse The Forest alone. Endnight Games has released an exciting two-player co-op mode, giving all early access purchasers a chance to ward off cannibalistic mutants with another player in their open-world survival horror game. To see a full list of the changes that arrived with v0.09, make sure to visit the official wiki on Gamepedia.

As an Early Access game, it’s expected that players will encounter a variety of bugs while exploring this new update, but, so far, Endnight Games has been quick to respond, patching several issues the day after release. Ever since The Forest was made available on Steam in May of this year, the developers have been adamant to provide worthwhile, regular revisions to the game, and this latest update is no exception.  Endnight has already announced that they plan to add additional game modes and other co-op styles that include more than two players.

With gamers flocking to the discussion forums and social media to share their co-op experiences so far, it’s clear that this sought-after feature is a surefire hit with fans. With updates like these, Endnight is setting a new bar for Early Access games.